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19/F, 1 O'Connell Street
. Sydney

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Suscribe virtual offices for your business in Sydney makes sense if you have decided to expand your business in the leading city on the Oceania continent while limiting your initial investment. Indeed, our virtual offices plans in Sydney, accessible from only 145 AUD per month, allow you to enjoy a nice postal address in one of the most famous buildings in the city, all without the cost of renting a fixed office. Come and discover the advantages of a virtual office in Sydney!

Virtual offices O'Connell Street

The benefits of virtual offices subscription in this Sydney O'Connell Street business center :
  • A brand image for your business : located in Sydney's business district, the business center is well known by the local business community. You can use our address at 1 O'Connell Street on all your documents, bringing you closer to your local customers.
  • An economical solution : our virtual offices allow you to get a foothold  in Sydney without cutting your costs ! From 145 AUD per month, you have a professional presence without having to rent an office.
  • A scalable solution: managing your incoming calls, renting offices, meeting rooms or even formalities to create your business in Sydney are some of the services you will find in this business center....while keeping the same address ! Be agile !
Ready to locate your company in Sydney O'Connell Street ? Please contact us on +33 (1) 40 21 44 00 or fill in a form. Your virtual office in Sydney has never been closer !
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O'Connell Street Sydney

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Australia's economic lung and Oceania's main financial centre, Sydney is Australia's city with the most skyscrapers (over 100). The charm of this city is known worldwide, with a high concentration of skyscrapers and other buildings (including historic buildings such as City Hall or the Queen Victoria Building) interwoven with parks such as Wynyard Park and Hyde Park. 

It is a major concentration point for foreign banks and multinational corporations and the city has been named the financial centre of Asia-Pacific. Sydney is Australia's largest commercial and financial centre and a major financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region. Its port facilities, mainly located along Port Jackson Bay, and complemented by those of Botany Bay, make it Australia's leading port for the value of exported goods. Sydney is also the world's leading wool market.

Sydney is also the ideal place to start your business while enjoying an exceptional living environment. 

Whether it's for your business, renting offices in Sydney or meeting rooms, this business centre offers a wide range of turnkey virtual office plans, always adapted to your needs...


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