26 avenue de Thies
14000 Caen

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SIREN : RCS B 349 910 703

Willing to dispose of a registered address for your company in Caen ? Come and discover all the benefits of a virtual office in our partner’s business centre.Virtual office or call answering service, our proposed solutions are simple and will be quickly implemented.Thanks to its prefectural certification, our partner will allow you to dispose of its address for your business, and will hence answer your calls on behalf of your company while you are away. Such a flexible real estate solution is an ideal cost-effective alternative so that you may initiate your project in Caen ! 

Virtual Office Caen

In Caen, our BURO Club partner offers you the following virtual office solutions:

Business address for your company:

  • For a company, its address is of strategic importance because it conveys an essential image to its prospects and clients.By choosing to register the address of your company in our partner’s business centre, you will be sure that you dispose of a reliable address in Caen.But disposing of a high-quality address is not the only benefit from a registered address solution; it is also a very interesting and cost-effective alternative when starting a project or developing your business in the region! Furthermore, thanks to this service, our team will greet your clients from Monday till Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. without interruption, receive and handle your mail according to your instructions (keeping it at your disposal or forwarding it whether you are a resident or not). You may also remotely access the origin of your mail on a secured space. You will therefore be fully reactive wherever you are… Our flexible real estate solution is simple, quick and cost-effective, and will provide your company with a professional and friendly image while optimizing your business management.

Customized call answering services:

  • Be fully agile, and combine our virtual office solution with a customized call answering service which will truly make the difference for your clients and prospects! Thanks to this option, our centre will give you, either permanently or on a one-shot basis, a dedicated phone line, and handle your calls on behalf of your organization (our team receives your calls and forwards your messages according to your instructions). You will therefore miss no call and benefit from a professional call answering service without bearing its fixed costs. This service also includes the use of an equipped office or of a meeting room half-a-day per month for your business appointments. 

Looking for more information ?

  • Contact Pierre Destibeaux and his team or fill in the adjacent form. They will be happy to support you in implementing the virtual office solution or call answering service best suited to your needs.
Center's Director : Pierre Destibeaux 

Pierre Destibeaux

, Managing Director

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Ideally situated in the North-West part of France, Caen is a city with many assets. Close to the big capital cities (Paris, London or Brussels), only 1 hour from Rouen and Le Havre, 2h from Paris and Rennes and 3 hours from Nantes and Tours, and disposing of a large sea coast opened to Northern Europe, Caen benefits from a strategic location which has always fostered its economy. Caen is a maritime city with a bright future. The city stepped into the industrial era via the steel industry, was caught up by its fate and then truly made history… Rebuilt, and benefiting now from highly efficient facilities and a diversified economy, Caen is today the ideal location when willing to develop your company. Many large national and international companies have decided to settle down there (Peugeot-Citröen, Valéo, France Telecom, Natixis…), thus confirming the industrial and economic dynamism of the city and providing it with a robust and diversified economic environment. 
  • In order to keep on growing and being even more attractive, Caen believes in interaction and in the relationships between education, research centres and companies thanks to competitiveness clusters. Research and innovation are hence key sectors providing the city with an ever increasing dynamism. Caen is also highly valued for its quality of life, and the city is indeed ideal when creating or developing a business. 
  • Thanks to our partner, BURO Club will also support you in Caen. Whatever your project, the team of the business centre will be available to support you in the implementation of the flexible real estate solution best suited to your needs. Equipped offices, coworking, virtual office, call answering service or just meeting rooms, you will find your turnkey solution by a simple click on our contact form.

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