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3617 Bld de Houelbourg
ZI Jarry

97122 Baie-Mahault

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

Sarl Templus Guadeloupe

SIREN : 529 190 167 00021

In order to organize a training session, a management meeting, or a hiring session, you need to benefit from high-quality meeting rooms. With BURO Club Guadeloupe, you will be able to rent 3 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 20 people ideally located 5 minutes away from Pointe à Pitre city centre.


Meeting room rental Guadeloupe

Book one of our meeting rooms in our Guadeloupe buisness centre 

Meeting rooms:

  • 3 modern and fully equipped (paper board, screen..) meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 20 people. All meeting rooms will be configured according to your needs (Rectangle, U, theatre...). 1 additional office is available for one-to-one interviews or hiring sessions, for instance…. You can rent our spaces for half-a-day, a day or more. 

Guadeloupe meeting room rental related services:

  • Organization of coffee breaks, reception with pastries, meal-trays, gourmet breaks, lunch outside: select your catering scheme according to the nature of your meeting; we will take care of it all. You can also rent on-demand audio-visual equipment. Run your meeting in full confidence, with no logistics or technical concerns. The business centre is ideally located in Baie Mahault, within the largest industrial area of Guadeloupe (Jarry Houelbourg), 10 minutes from the airport, at the cross road of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre.

Willing to rent a meeting room in Guadeloupe ? 

  • Contact Véronique Lefranc at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the form to your right. We will be happy to prepare a quotation for a meeting room rental.
Center's Director : Véronique Lefranc 

Véronique Lefranc

, Associate

+33 1 40 21 44 00

Guadeloupe at a glance.....

  • The archipelago, with more than 1.600 km2, has experienced a faster economic growth than that of Mainland France from 1993 to 2008, thus demonstrating its dynamism. Ideally situated, with an easy access to South America or to the USA, Guadeloupe is at the heart of the Caribbean area which gathers 270 million inhabitants and 38 countries: a formidable asset for developing business! Guadeloupe is developing mostly in the services sector (80%) and has 2 major agricultural assets: banana and cane sugar. But you cannot forget here tourism which is booming in this DROM (Overseas Department Region). Almost 400.000 tourists come here every year and enjoy its charm.

Develop your business thanks to BURO Club Guadeloupe.....

  • Thanks to BURO Club Guadeloupe, settling in the archipelago and developing your business becomes much easier! Véronique Lefranc, an entrepreneur, is here to help other entrepreneurs develop their business. What could be better ? Looking for a company's registered address an office or meeting room rental in Guadeloupe? Contact us !

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