La Seyne sur Mer

865 avenue de Bruxelles- ZAC Les Playes
83500 La Seyne sur Mer

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


SIREN : 519 743 553

Willing to organize your next training session in La Seyne Sur Mer ? Needing to rent a meeting room in La Seyne for your next commercial meeting ?  You have a hiring session and you need to rent an office for half-a-day to meet the applicants ? Come and discover our meeting rooms and the benefits of temporary office rental solutions in our la Seyne Sur Mer business centre, close to the highway connecting Toulon, Marseille and Nice.


Meeting room rental La Seyne Sur Mer

Located at the heart of the La Seyne Sur Mer ZAC Les Playes and a few minutes from Toulon, come and discover our meeting rooms.

The meeting rooms:

  • The business centre benefits from a functional location, less than five minutes from the highway connecting Toulon, Marseille and Nice. It offers you the rental of 2 meeting rooms in La Seyne Sur Mer with a maximum capacity of 12 and 25 people respectively. The rooms are equipped with LCD projectors (on demand) and a paperboard, ready to use for your training sessions, product presentations or any other type of meetings.

Meeting rooms related services:

  • You will of course dispose of a Wi-Fi access in both meeting rooms. In order to provide maximum comfort to your participants, the business centre puts at your disposal a wide array of on-demand services: breakfast for visitors’ reception, breaks, as well as lunch on-site (meal-trays) or in one of the restaurants, partners of the business centre. Choose your formula and we will take care of it all. You will then be able to organize your meeting in full confidence.

Willing to rent a meeting room in La Seyne Sur Mer ?

  • Fill in the adjacent form or contact Mélanie Montmeza. We will be happy to prepare a detailed quotation for a meeting room best suited to your needs.


Center's Director : Mélanie Montmeza 

Mélanie Montmeza

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00

La Seyne Sur Mer: an ideal location in South-East !

  • La Seyne Sur Mer is located at the heart of the urban conurbation of Toulon. For a long time, it has been building its influence thanks to the development of its shipyards. Since the beginning of the 90’s, La Seyne Sur Mer has successfully carried out its economic conversion by diversifying its activities; and firstly by building on the natural riches of Provence, hence revitalising tourism in and around La Seyne Sur Mer. 
  • The city of La Seyne Sur Mer has also created dynamic and promising business clusters such as the ZAC Les Playes, area where the business centre is located. Indeed, location is the first asset of the ZAC Les Playes: close to the highways connecting Toulon, Marseille and Nice. The centre will enable you to easily develop your business over the 3 departments (Bouches du Rhône, Var and Alpes Maritimes). The second asset lies with no doubt in the fact that the business centre is located within an Urban Free Zone thus enabling you to benefit, under certain conditions, from tax exemptions provided by law.
  • Deciding to rent turnkey serviced offices in the La Seyne sur Mer business centre, only a few minutes from Toulon, will allow you to start your activities under the best possible conditions.

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