La Réunion Le Port

16 rue Claude Chappe
ZAE 2000

97420 Le Port

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


SIREN : 37910287400029

You are located on the Reunion Island and you are looking for an office to rent? Are you an SME? A start-up? A large group? The BURO Club Partner La Réunion Le Port centre is sure to have the workspace you need! With its office rentals options, you will be able to quickly launch your project in optimum conditions !

Office space rental Le Port, La Réunion

Rent an office at La Reunion Island Le Port :

With 40 offices for rent and 25 workshops on 3,500 m², our BURO Club Partner centre La Réunion Le Port will most certainly meet all of your business’ needs. Air-conditioned, with natural daylight and fully equipped, these 15 to 22m² offices can comfortably accommodate 1 to 3 workstations. Our offices are equipped with high-speed internet access as well as a telephone line. In permanent rentals, you will have secure access to your office 24 hours a day. You will be able to work freely and at your own pace.

We enable you to focus solely on your activity : let us do the job for you. We take care of your installation, connections and handle the maintenance.... We become your only supplier and interlocutor, to let you work without losing time and with a free mind.

To further improve your company’s versatility, the rental of your office is made flexible! You choose the duration of your contract and the layout of your space, without changing address!

Renting an office in our centre also enables you to register your company’s address at 16 rue Claude Chappe or to rent a meeting room to organise your professional events.

The centre’s premium location and accessibility (immediate proximity to the RN1 which serves numerous towns from St Denis to St Pierre), as well as its advantageous car park will be a great asset for your business. So don't hesitate and join us!

Do you wish to rent an office?

Contact our team at this number +33 (0)1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the online form. See you soon !

Center's Director : Magalie  HAN HOI NANG 


, Business Centre Manager

Le Port, La Réunion

The Reunion Island is an exceptional island with unique landscapes, a pleasant climate and a stable economy. Tourism plays an important role in its activity, however, La Réunion has other strengths. The agricultural production, the fishing and product transformation industries (sugar cane) flourish on the island. Since the 1980s, trade expanded considerably, with an increase in the number of imports, exports, investments and of the number of local businesses. The island dynamic economy offers great prospects for your new business projects.

Our BURO Club Partner allows you to easily settle on the Réunion Island and to benefit from its full potential. Through its flexible hosting options, our centre enables you to make the most of its exceptional location and modern activity area. We offer offices, meeting rooms, address registration and a team who will help you chose the best-suited hosting option for your project.  We will facilitate the launching of your business as well as its development by assisting you every step of the way. Do not wait any longer and join our BURO Club Partner on the Reunion Island !

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