543, rue de la Castelle

34070 Montpellier

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


SIREN : 483 220 240

Willing to organize a management meeting, a training session or a business appointment within a professional and easily accessible setting in Montpellier ? Discover the benefits of the BURO Club Montpellier business centre meeting rooms’ rental solutions. The centre is ideally located; 10 minutes from the city centre and served by the tramway.


Meeting room rental Montpellier

Reserve one of our meeting rooms in our Montpellier’s premises

The meeting rooms in Montpellier:

  • At 543 rue de la Castelle , you will be able to rent 2 modern meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 20 people. The rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology (internet access, LCD projector, screen...), thus ensuring that your meeting be successful and efficient. 1 temporary office is also available for your business appointments or individual interviews in Montpellier.

Meeting room rental related services in Montpellier:

  • The success of your meeting depends also on a perfect organization: coffee breaks, pastries upon arrival, meal-trays, lunch outside: choose your catering formula best suited to your participants, and we will take care of it all. But there is more: all your participants will benefit from an area of greenery with a garden salon to enjoy the Mediterranean sun! Perfect for discussing with your participants! And our business centre is easily accessible via a close by direct access to the highway

WIlling to rent a meeting room in Montpellier ? 

  • Contact Annie Ferrandes or fill in the form. We will be happy to prepare a quotation best suited to your meeting room requirements in Montpellier.
Center's Director : Annie Ferrandes 

Annie Ferrandes

, Associate

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Science universities and their researchers are the real driving force of Montpellier’s economy ; they indeed contribute to the development of centres of excellence in IT technology, biotechnology, environment, tropical and Mediterranean agronomy. At the crossroad between Barcelona, Paris and Geneva; Montpellier benefits from a strategic and easily accessible location at the crossroad between Northern and Southern Europe: TGV, international airport, and highways.

Exceptional living conditions in the Languedoc-Roussillon capital city

  • A “Young” city thanks to its universities, Montpellier is also a city of history and culture where artistic creation is intense. Weather conditions and the proximity of the sea foster Montpellier’s important touristic development. The city of Montpellier perfectly combines business development and exceptional living conditions. Montpellier is also a city where sports play a key role: for instance, football and handball clubs do rank high!  Montpellier demonstrates day after day its dedication to top-level sport.

Meeting, appointment, interviews or settling down in Montpellier...

  • Do not hesitate to call upon BURO Club to meet your partners or clients in the best possible conditions. The team of our Montpellier business centre is at your disposal and offers you its services: serviced office rental of any duration and meeting rooms.

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