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Located in the city centre, less than 10 minutes from the Central Station and close to all means of urban transportation means, the business centre puts at your disposal a 50 sqm meeting room with a maximum capacity of 15 people. You may hence benefit in Mulhouse from a high-quality, functional, and easily accessible workspace close to a paid public car park.


Meeting room rental Mulhouse

Rent one of our meeting rooms in Mulhouse:

Our meeting rooms in Mulhouse:

  • The meeting room is glass-enclosed, fully soundproof, and equipped with modern and functional furniture, and offers you a high-quality workspace in the heart of Mulhouse. Configured according to your instructions (U-shaped, square, theatre…) by a professional team caring for you, and fully equipped with all the needed devices (white board, paperboard…) (LCD projector optional), you will benefit from the best possible conditions for your meetings.
  • Thanks to this customized and turnkey solution, you will also access the equipment of the centre (printer/scanner/copier/scanner/fax). You may, as well as your participants, also benefit from a car park (optional).

Meeting rooms’ rental related services in Mulhouse:

  • In addition, and so that your event be organized efficiently, you may reserve your business meals from our team. Together with our cafeteria service, your orders will be taken from 8.30 a.m. to 12 and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday till Friday. 

Willing to rent a meeting room in Mulhouse ? 

  • Be it for bringing your team together, organizing a training session, a commercial presentation or a hiring session, send us your requirements by filling the adjacent form or contact Liliane Kosir, and you will receive our detailed quotation. We will prepare your meeting room according to your instructions.
Center's Director : Liliane Kosir 

Liliane Kosir

, Managing Director

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Alsace has been the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and is today looking towards the future and innovation.Dynamic and attractive, the region already hosts many national and international companies (General Motors, Hager, Kronenbourg, Lalique, Ricoh, Mars, Peugeot….) willing to benefit from its robust and diverse economic environment. Particularly well served by the A35 and A36 highways, Bâle-Mulhouse-Freiburg international airport, Eastern Europe and Rhin-Rhône TGVs, the Mulhouse-Rhin harbour, Mulhouse, located in the South of the region, does benefit from a privileged location at the heart of a major international business hub. Settling down in the « Country of the Three Borders » is indeed a formidable opportunity for companies and their development. International by essence, the border-city is impregnated by a cosmopolitan and unique atmosphere. A pleasant city to live in, skilfully combining nature, heritage and urban development (numerous soft transport modes – tramway, bicycle paths, car-sharing…). A city which has mutated so as to provide its inhabitants and the companies deciding to settle there with a high-quality professional and private environment (housing, infrastructure, facilities, activities…). 
  • Located in the centre of Mulhouse, close to a shopping mall and a paid public car park, the business centre enables you to become a part of this plural economy and to provide your company with great opportunities of development outside the capital city. So that you may work quickly and under the best possible conditions, all our business centre’s available rental solutions (serviced offices, meeting rooms) and registered address and call answering services are immediately operational. 

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