Rennes South

BP 97143
Place du Granier

35571 Chantepie Cedex

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

SARL Nouvelles Structures

SIREN : 334 413 73900023

BURO Club Rennes South business centre, located in Chantepie, offers you coworking shared office rental solutions. This solution is well suited to companies willing to rent professional offices while keeping control of their budget. The centre is located at the gates of Rennes, without the discomfort of the city centre.


Coworking Spaces Rennes south

Come and discover our coworking shared space offering in Rennes South

Our coworking space solution in Rennes South:

  • Permanent access to the BURO Club Rennes South (Chantepie) business centre shared space, unlimited internet access, private box for your personal files.
  • Business address for your company in Rennes (Chantepie), access to the business centre common areas (relaxation area, visitors’ receptions...), nearby car park.
  • For free: a half-day private office rental per month in Rennes (Chantepie) for your individual interviews and your clients’ appointments.
  • Access to the BURO Club business centres shared spaces participating in the operation, and more specifically to our BURO Club centres in Rennes and Nantes. A perfect solution to reach out efficiently to the region!

Your benefits:

  • An adaptable contract, with an initial duration of 3 months, and amendable when need be. You may start with one coworking shared space in Rennes Sud Est and move on to a private office, thus matching your company’s development.
  • A competitive price: starting from 295 € (VAT excluded) per month. It is the ideal solution when willing to dispose of an office without impairing your cash flow.
  • On-demand optional services, only when you do need them (call answering service, copier, and secretariat). BURO Club Rennes South business centre puts also at your disposal 1 meeting room, with a maximum capacity of 12 people. And our business centre is located close to Rennes city centre, to the Rennes Atalante Technology Park, the TGV railway station and the airport. It also benefits from a direct access to the Nantes-Paris-Brest expressway. 

Willing to rent coworking shared spaces in Rennes South (Chantepie) ?

  • Contact Dominique Jourdan or fill in the form to your right. We will be happy to show you our Rennes Sud Est (Chantepie) business centre.
Center's Director : Dominique Jourdan 

Dominique Jourdan

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00

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