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76100 ROUEN

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SIREN : 502 192 180.

Willing to provide your company with a professional and renowned address ? Be it for the creation of your company, or to dispose of a high-quality address in a cost-effective manner for your business in Rouen, our virtual office solution is ideal. Thanks to its prefectural certification, and as soon as you dispose of all the necessary documents, you will benefit from our address and be able to start your business !


Virtual Office Rouen

Business address for your company:

  • By choosing our business centre virtual office solution, you will provide your company with much more than a simple address. In less than an hour (once all the necessary documents have been provided), your company will automatically benefit from Rouen economic dynamism, thus fostering its development. So that, each day, you may consider your decision as the right one, our team will receive your mail on a daily basis and, according to your instructions, keep it at your disposal or forward it to you. Our flexible real estate solution also includes your visitors’ reception, call answering services (incoming calls), messages recording and forwarding, and a common messaging system (you will receive your fax messages onto your email address). You will also access the other shared services of our centre (copiers) and may reserve an office or a meeting room for your appointments. Thanks to our prefectural certification, you may look forward to a sustainable future for your company.

Customized call answering services:

  • Upon request and according to your instructions, our team will answer your calls on behalf of your company 60 hours per week, and will immediately forward your messages to your cell phone, mailbox or fax. Be it for permanent or one-shot reasons (leaves, travels…); our team will always provide you with the solution best suiting your needs. This solution is immediately operational, and you will thus become agile and more efficient. So that you may be freed from all constraints, gain time and focus exclusively on your business, you may also outsource your agenda scheduling. Such a service is extremely efficient since your company will not have to bear the cost of a private assistant. 

Your benefits:

  • Our virtual office solutions are ideal when willing to dispose of a sound work-private life balance while benefiting from a cost-effective commercial address when developing your business. They systematically include:
  • A commercial address
  • Visitors’ reception and call answering service (depending on the selected package) , mail service
  • Office equipment (copier, binding machine…) ,

You may, as an option, benefit from many on-demand services offered by our business centre (office, meeting room, secretariat…) 

Looking for a virtual office in Rouen ?

  • Contact Frédéric DHONDT or fill in the form to your right. We will be happy to support you in implementing the virtual office or call answering service solution best suited to your needs.
Center's Director : Frédéric Dhondt 

Frédéric Dhondt

, Managing Director

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • City of art, the « City of a hundred church spires » as Victor Hugo called it, has had a formative influence on many famous painters of the 19th century: Monet, Sisley, Gauguin or Pissarro have stayed or lived in Rouen. Many monuments or districts of the city (Boieldieu Bridge, Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Epicerie Street) have been immortalized by such artists. Through their writing, Flaubert or Maupassant also greatly contributed to the influence of Rouen.  Steeped in culture, Rouen is also charged with history. You cannot wander in the city without traveling in time…and be carried away by its historic past (Saint-Romain Street and its numerous half-timbered houses, Street of the ”Gros Horloge”, the Market place and the remaining scars of Jeanne d’Arc presence….).  Culture and history have indeed played a major role in the development of the city, and yet the city owes also a lot to its harbour. Even today, because of its strategic location in between Paris and the ocean, the harbour plays a dominating part in Rouen activities. Thanks to this, many manufacturing and trade companies settled there and contributed to the economic influence of the city.
  • Situated just 1 hour away from Paris, this dynamic and attracting city will enable you to settle in the heart of the European market. By deciding to establish your company in Rouen, you will provide your company with formidable opportunities of development. Strategically located in a business district and easily accessible, our BURO Club Partner business centre offers you a wide array of office rental solutions in Rouen. You will work there in a different way and take advantage of the exceptional economic and industrial environment of the city to develop great and important business relationships !

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