6-8 avenue de Creil
60300 SENLIS

TEL : +33 3 44 53 87 37


SIREN : 43411311400020

Willing to benefit from a high-quality and reliable business address in order to develop your business in the region ? Senlis business centre, located in the North of Paris, is the ideal flexible real estate solution.Thanks to its prefectural certification, and once all mandatory documents have been filled in and signed, the centre will enable you to use its address and to start your business in all simplicity !

Virtual Office Senlis

In Senlis, our BURO Club  partner offers the following virtual office solutions: 

Business address for your company:

  • By deciding to provide your company with a registered address in our business centre, you will convey a professional and friendly image for your organization. From Monday till Friday and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. without interruption, our team will greet your clients, receive and handle your mail according to your instructions (keeping it at your disposal or forwarding it worldwide every day or once a week) so that you may optimize the management of your activities and be reactive wherever you are. Thanks to your registered address in our business centre, you may also rent an equipped office on an ad-hoc basis to meet your prospects, clients or suppliers. Thus, whatever your needs, our solutions will simplify your daily professional life and optimize your costs.       

Customized call answering services : 

  • So that you may benefit from a high-quality phone permanence which will make the difference for your clients and prospects, the business centre can provide you with a customized call answering service. At your convenience (throughout the year, for a day, an hour or only during holiday periods) and according to your instructions, our team answers your calls from Monday till Friday and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. without interruption. It will immediately forward your messages onto your cell phone, your mailbox or fax (or pass the call on to you in case of emergency and with your consent) as often as you wish (at the end of the day, every half-a-day, or for each message).
  • Thanks to this service, you are present even when absent ! So that you may be freed from all constraints, gain time and focus exclusively on your business, you may also outsource some administrative tasks (mail typing, quotations, formalities related to public authorities…) or your agenda scheduling to our team. Thanks to these options, your company will not have to bear the costs of a private assistant. You are agile and efficient, and you may develop your business in full confidence.

Your benefits

  • Willing to take advantage of a commercial address to benchmark a market and develop your business, or more simply to dispose of a good work-private life balance? Disposing of a registered address is the ideal solution. It systematically includes:
  • A commercial address
  • Visitors’ reception and call answering service (depending on the selected package), mail handling
  • You may, as an option, benefit from numerous on-demand services offered by the business centre (equipped office, meeting room, secretariat…)

Looking for a virtual office in Senlis ? 

  • Contact Servane Burel or fill in the form to your right. We will be happy to support you and to implement the registered address or call answering solution best suited to your needs.
Center's Director : Servane Burel 

Servane Burel

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • At the gates of Paris and close to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport (20 minutes), Senlis provides great opportunities for companies willing to settle down in the region. The A1 highway Europe’s North-South axis which runs through Senlis strengthens the strategic situation of this city steeped in history. Ideally located only 40 minutes from Paris and less than 2 hours from Belgium and Northern Europe, Senlis is a privileged destination for companies willing to establish there or to develop their business outside the capital city. Large industry groups (such as Electrolux, Eurovoirie, Fermod, or Colas) have settled there and largely contributed to the city’s economic development, more specifically focused now on the services sector (Research and Development, Education, headquarters, business tourism…). 
  • Dynamic and disposing of a diversified economic environment, Senlis is yet a welcoming city ! Set at the heart of the Oise-Pays de France regional park, it provides its inhabitants with an undisputable quality of life (housings, infrastructure, facilities, activities …) and a high-quality environment offering great development opportunities for companies deciding to settle there. Located close to the historic centre of this city steeped in history, our business centre puts at your disposal 20 equipped offices and 3 meeting rooms, as well as many additional services (registered address, call answering service, secretariat…), so that you may develop your project in full confidence.

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