Wittestraße 30 K

13509 Berlin

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

Lipkow Büro Service GmbH

Willing to rent meeting rooms in Berlin for a training session, a client event or a commercial meeting ? Our business centre, located in the north-western part of Berlin and within the « Green heart » of the capital city of Germany, offers you 2 meeting rooms available for rental with a maximum capacity of 20 people. Our meeting rooms are fully lit by daylight and the building disposes of parking spaces so that your participants may access the centre easily and conveniently.  Berlin Tigel airport at 15 minutes.

Meeting room rental Berlin

The meeting rooms in Berlin:

  • Our 2 meeting room can accommodate up to 20 people for your training sessions, receptions or clients’ events in Berlin. They are fully lit by daylight and equipped with all the needed devices so that you may run your meeting under the best possible conditions (internet access, white screen ...). By choosing our business centre located at Wittestrasse 30 k, in the north-western part of Berlin, you will be sure that you dispose of a quiet and green environment for your meeting and of a full set of on-demand services such as:
  • Catering service which will meet all your requirements
  • A 4-star hotel just 500 metres from the centre; convenient if your meeting lasts more than a day and you have to accommodate your participants.
  • Secretariat service which will meet your requests during your meeting (copies, taxi, transportation reservations, briefs binding...)
  • Parking spaces in front of the building.

Willing to rent a meeting room in Berlin ?

  • Please call us at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the form to your right. Our teams will be happy to prepare for you a quotation best suited to your needs in Berlin.
Center's Director : . Hirschfeld 

. Hirschfeld

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located in the north-eastern part of the country, Berlin is the capital city of Germany and also one of Europe’s strongest economic regions. Prosperous, connected and open to the world, Berlin provides companies with ideal conditions for their establishment. The German capital city hence attracts a growing number of entrepreneurs, thus reinforcing its robust and already well diversified economic environment. Its geographic location is an important asset. In the heart of Europe, and benefiting from high-quality and well developed infrastructure (Berlin-Brandenburg international airport and Berlin-Hauptbahnhof advanced technology railway station), it allows for an easy access to the key economic regions of the area. An important European economic hub, Berlin attracts companies thanks to its high-quality of life and low cost of living. Housing, food, wages…the German capital city is one of the few European capital cities with an international prestige while yet remaining affordable.
  • Ideal when willing to initiate a project at an affordable cost, Berlin did attract many young entrepreneurs from around the world, and promoted the emergence of companies which are now famous such as Zalando, eDarling or SoundCloud: major players contributing to the success of Berlin economy. An unconventional city due to its history, and today very dynamic and cosmopolitan, Berlin is a new « Silicon Valley » for many young entrepreneurs with many innovative ideas but with scarce financial resources…so far…
  • So as to support your project, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with an important network of independent business centres in Germany. Thanks to their expertise, the teams of the centres will guide you and implement with you the real estate solutions (office rental, coworking, virtual office…) best suited to your project. They will be able to provide you with turnkey scalable workspaces so that you may develop at your own pace in full confidence !

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