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Büro-und Business-Center Bielefeld

The city of Bielefeld, located in the eastern part of the Westphalia region, attracts many services companies as well as industries, thanks to which it has become a diversified economic cluster. When deciding to settle in this city, our business centre will be the ideal location to rent a serviced office in Bielefeld. The 1400 sqm building disposes of 32 workspaces, starting from one workstation; and is located half-way between Bielefeld’s city centre and the A2 highway heading to Cologne and Dusseldorf.


Serviced offices rental Bielefeld

The benefits of our serviced office rental solution in Bielefeld:

Fully equipped workspace:

  • Our 32 offices are ready for use, and the turnkey concept is indeed applied here! The spaces benefit from a full set of furniture (private box, cupboard, desk, chair…), internet access, and one phone set. They are fully air-conditioned and equipped with cables (category 5 ). You will have no refurbishment works to carry out and will be able to develop your business in Bielefeld immediately.

An adaptable solution:

  • In today’s business world, it is often difficult to anticipate too much in advance what your revenue and costs will be. Thanks to adaptable partners, you will be able to develop your company more quickly, and this is exactly what we offer you in Bielefeld. You may rent your office for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or more. Likewise, you may start with one workstation only and grow your configuration, with new employees, as time goes: you hence pay only for the space you really need.

An all-inclusive solution :

  • Rental of your serviced office in Bielefeld, rental charges, electricity, heating, maintenance of the premises put at your disposal, cleaning of your own private space, access to and use of the business centre’s common spaces (kitchen, restrooms…), visitors’ reception are services which are fully included in the cost of your solution. You may hence plan your budget in advance with one service provider only, and with no bad surprises.

Willing to rent an office in Bielefeld and arrange a viewing ?

  • Contact us at +33 1 40 21 44 00 .
Center's Director : Petra  Halemeyer 

Petra Halemeyer

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00

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