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64295 Darmstadt

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Willing to create a company in Darmstadt, in the capital city of software ? Planning to open a new agency or a subsidiary there ? Come and discover the benefits of our virtual office solution for your company in Darmstadt, in our business centre located at 65 Berliner Allee. The handling of your mail and a customized call answering service will be taken care of by our multilingual team. You will hence be able to benefit from a genuine virtual office in Darmstadt and will be closer to your clients and partners without having to bear the fixed costs of a permanent office. 

Virtual Office Darmstadt

The benefits of our virtual office solution in Darmstadt: 

A cost-effective solution:

  • Thanks to our registered address solution, you will be closer to your clients or be able to benchmark the potential of your services or products in Darmstadt without investing in a permanent office or hiring administrative staff. Indeed, we will receive your incoming mail and handle it according to your instructions. Furthermore, the provision of a local phone number handled by our multilingual team will enable you to reinforce your presence in Darmstadt without having to manage personnel directly. You will thus benefit from a professional presence in Darmstadt while controlling your costs ! 

A booster for your development in Germany:

  • By using our renowned address at 35 Berliner Allee in all your media (web site, commercial and administrative documentation...), you will convey an enhanced corporate image to your partners on-site.  

A scalable solution:

  • Willing to move on to an actual office from a virtual office because your company has grown ? Nothing could be easier. Our business centre disposes of 24 workspaces and 5 meeting rooms available for rental for a few hours, several months or more. We will be present to support your growth, while you will keep the same address ! 

Willing to set up your virtual office in Darmstadt ?

  • Call us at +33  1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form.
Center's Director : Fabienne Pinck-Güttrich 

Fabienne Pinck-Güttrich

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located in the southern part of the Land of Hessen, in Germany, about thirty kilometres from Frankfurt, Darmstadt is a very active and pleasant city to live in. With its many parks and architectural wonders, it is indeed a pleasant city of many assets. Regarded as one of the most powerful research and innovation centres of Germany, Darmstadt has been granted in 1997 the title of “City of Science”. The number and fame of its Scientific Institutes and research centres (one technical university founded in 1877, two technical high-schools and many institutes or institutions related to research) installed in the city do reinforce such position ! Already renowned in this sector (Darmstadt hosts the famous Satellite Control Centre), this title indeed reinforced Darmstadt’s attractiveness to companies of scientific character and its position as N°1 of the class!
  • Academic, well-groomed, and renowned for its many Art Nouveau buildings, Darmstadt is definitely a city of science and culture. Young, dynamic, and disposing of high-quality infrastructure and of perfect connexions to the entire world thanks, in particular, to its proximity with Frankfurt international airport, Darmstadt is hence an excellent address when starting your activity in Germany or developing your business in Europe. Like many large companies which decided to settle down in the region, take your chance within this European Silicon Valley and provide your company with new opportunities.
  • To support you in establishing your company abroad under the best possible conditions, BURO Club has built a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Virtual office, equipped offices or meeting rooms: our teams  will guide you setting up the best solution matching your needs in Germany.

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