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Establishing your headquarters or disposing of a representation in Dortmund has never been so easy. The business centre offers you a virtual office solution for your company in Dortmund, from a simple postal address to the implementation of your headquarters together with a customized call answering service. Thanks to such service, you will benefit from an actual virtual office, without having to bear the fixed costs deriving from the rental of a permanent office in Dortmund. Come and discover the benefits of this service in our ideally located business centre.


Virtual Office Dortmund

The benefits of a virtual office in Dortmund:

  • Being present in Dortmund with your clients and partners without disposing of a permanent office is the challenge faced and met by our registered address solution for your company thanks to which you dispose of a genuine virtual office in Dortmund. You will be able to benefit from the address of our business centre for a commercial representation, at Westfalendamm 98, or for the establishment of your headquarters. You will also be able to use this address in all your media (internet site, business cards, commercial documentation…), thus conveying a professional image to third parties.
  • So that you may stay as close as possible to your clients, you may also complement your virtual office solution with a call answering service: all your calls will be handled by our multilingual team (German/French) and your messages forwarded according to your instructions. You may go to your appointments in full confidence while taking advantage of all the benefits of a private assistant without the corresponding fixed costs.

For more information about our virtual office solution in Dortmund: 

  • Call us at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form
Center's Director : Maria Mata Garcia 

Maria Mata Garcia

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • A city located in North-Westphalia Rhineland, in the western part of Germany, at the Eastern border of the Rhur basin, Dortmund is an important harbour. Dortmund’s territory is 50% woodland, farmland, green spaces, and waterways. Dortmund is called « The green metropolis », which does contrast with its important mining activity and its historic steel industry which made the city one of the most prosperous cities of the country. A remnant of such bygone era, the Zeche Zollern, whose brick buildings (now designated as a technical building of national importance)today hosts the industrial museum of Westphalia ; while the former « Minister Stein » site now hosts the Research Institute for the Development of the Land and cities of North-Westphalia Rhineland.  Without turning its back to its past, the city is today looking ahead.  Faithful to the German model, companies and scientific centres cooperate and consolidate the links between the scientific, economic and cultural networks, so as to continue increasing the economic attractiveness of the city. Dortmund hence hosts today numerous companies, many of which working in partnership with Dortmund Technology University. The city is also collaborating with research institutes, private universities, and companies in order to market scientific initiatives.
  • Thanks to this policy, the city is now looking towards a new direction and has indeed entered into a new era. It is not just anymore the heart of Westphalia; it is a technology, cultural and scientific world-renowned cluster ! Strengthened by this successful regeneration, Dortmund is multiplying projects and encourages companies (more specifically in the fields of new technologies, e-commerce, logistics, biomedical medicine, and media) to settle down in the region. Thanks to such initiatives, Dortmund modernizes, grows and keeps on increasing its attractiveness.
  • Like its football team, Dortmund has indeed won major victories providing the city with great outlooks
  • So that you may participate to this development and settle down in this city, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. You will thus be able to dispose, in Dortmund,   of a registered address solution, a private or coworking space equipped office, or of a one-shot workspace in one of our partner’s business centres, and benefit from the expertise of its teams. 

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