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Creating your company in Dusseldorf ? Willing to open a new agency in Germany or simply needing a commercial address in Dusseldorf ? Our registered address solution for your company in Dusseldorf, in our business centre, enables you to benefit from a genuine virtual office without the fixed costs of a permanent office. Mail handling, provision of a local phone number, or handling of your incoming calls are all services which enable you to get closer to your clients and partners based in Dusseldorf without being physically present. The business centre benefits from an excellent location, 15 minutes from Dusseldorf airport.


Virtual Office Düsseldorf

Our virtual office services in Dusseldorf: 

Registered address for your company in Dusseldorf:

  • By establishing your headquarters or disposing of a simple commercial address at 248 Münsterstr, you will be able to convey a professional and renowned image for your company. The business centre, where your company will be registered, will receive your mail and forward it according to your instructions: an ideal solution for young entrepreneurs willing to be agile from the start ! 

Customized call answering service:

  • This service, combined with your registered address solution, will enable you to dispose of a local phone number dedicated to your company in Dusseldorf and to benefit from an on-site multilingual team who will answer your incoming calls, handle your calls and forward the messages according to your instructions. You hence dispose of a full virtual office, close to your clients in Dusseldorf and yet without the constraints of a permanent office or having to manage staff directly. You will save time and optimize your installation budget in Dusseldorf. Of course, as soon as your company’s’ development takes off, our business centre will offer you to support such development thanks to our workspaces rental solution

Willing to set up a virtual office in Dusseldorf ?

  • Call us at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form. Our teams will prepare for you a quotation meeting your needs, whether you are a young start-up or an already existing company.
Center's Director : Iris Bünte 

Iris Bünte

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Capital city of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the western part of Germany, Düsseldorf has built its fame on textile production. After the war and the reconstruction periods, the city developed rapidly. Many industries came and settled down in the region, theatres and exhibitions emerged, and Düsseldorf became an administrative and cultural centre. At the same time, the city became an international centre for haute couture and fashion. Called “Little Paris”, it is today a city where the future prêt-à-porter trends are decided.” However, Düsseldorf is far from being only the metropolis of fashion and shopping.
  • A modern, open and cosmopolitan city of culture, the city is also famous for its carnivals, its top fermentation beer (Altbier) and for hosting the largest Japanese community, behind London and Paris. Throughout its history, Düsseldorf has hence forged many links with Japan, and many headquarters of large Japanese companies are registered in Düsseldorf. But Japan is not the only country which realized all the assets of this formidable region. The city indeed hosts 5000 foreign companies, of which 450 are American and 250 are French. It also hosts the headquarters of some of the largest German companies such as AG, Rheinmetall, Vodafone, LTU, and Metro…
  • Far from being the most massive city of the country, Düsseldorf is yet a leading economic, industrial, cultural and artistic centre, a dynamic and charming city and a pleasant place to live and work in. Close to Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, easily accessible, it is indeed a privileged region, ideal for your establishment and providing your company with great opportunities. So as to support you and enable you to settle down abroad under the best possible conditions, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Virtual office, equipped offices, or meeting rooms, the teams of our partner’s business centres will guide you in implementing the solution best suited to your project so that you may settle down easily and quickly in Germany.

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