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Business Center im frankundfrei GmbH

Frankfurt is today among the top 5 European financial capitals and hosts many large international companies headquarters. Establishing your business here, be it when creating a company or opening a new branch, requires the selection of a renowned and professional address to host your company. This is what we offer you through our business address for your company solution in our Frankfurt business centre. Located in the heart of the banking district, you will benefit from our business centre’s address at 50 Mainzer Landstraße, receive your mail here and dispose of a call answering service handled by our on-site teams. Come and discover the benefits of a virtual office in Frankfurt.

Virtual Office Frankfurt

The benefits of our virtual office solution in Frankfurt:

A prestigious address.

  • Conveying a great corporate image is of utmost importance, particularly when deciding to develop your business in a large city such as Frankfurt. Beyond your mail handling (reception and forwarding according to your instructions), you will be able to use our address at 50 Mainzer Landstraße for all your supports (internet site, commercial documentation…). You will be closer to your clients thanks to your presence in Frankfurt, and yet not bear the costs of an actual office.

A call answering service.

  • Combined with your registered address, this solution will enable you to dispose of a local phone number, and our team will answer your incoming calls. An international city in essence, and often called “The Crossroad of Europe”, Frankfurt attracts significant levels of business through its interaction with other countries. This is why our team is multilingual: in addition to German and English, we speak Spanish, Hindi and Urdu.

A driving force for your development.

  • Once your virtual office solution in Frankfurt is implemented, it is highly probable that your company will develop, hire personnel on-site and need to rent offices in Frankfurt. Thanks to its 45 fully equipped workspaces and its 10 meeting and conference rooms, our business centre will support your development.

Willing to set up a virtual office solution in Frankfurt ?

  • Contact our team at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form.
Center's Director : Chanda  Syed 

Chanda Syed

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located in the Land of Hessen, in central-west Germany, Frankfurt is a modern and cosmopolitan city.  Rebuilt « the American way » at the end of World War 2, the city truly developed vertically and, with its impressive skyscrapers hosting many multinational headquarters, Frankfurt, which, in the past, almost became the capital city of the FRG, is today one of the most attractive business centre in the world. But, in addition to its economic strength, Frankfurt, which hosts, among others, the headquarters of the European Central Bank, the German Central Bank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, hence gained an important political influence.
  • However, Frankfurt’s international magnitude contrasts with its small size.” Mainhattan », as some call it because of its many glassed buildings reaching to the sky and embodying the city’s economic power, is trying to move away from the burden of its verticality and to combine business and quality of life.  Accused for a long time of having sold its soul to bankers, Goethe city is buying back a new behaviour, gets back on its tracks and gives itself a makeover to the delight of its 720 750 inhabitants and the many tourists who visit Frankfurt.
  • Ideally located at the crossroad of major routes and waterways, N°2 financial centre of the European Union (behind London), and N°3 European international airport (behind Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and London Heathrow), the city is a true hub for the old continent. In just a few hours, you will reach all the biggest metropolis of the world, for your business or for leisure. Connected, open to the world and a pleasant city to live in, Frankfurt is indeed a formidable opportunity when starting your business or developing it outside your country.
  • So as to support you and provide you with an easy and quick establishment in Germany, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. On-site teams will be able to guide you through the implementation of the solution (virtual office, equipped offices or meeting rooms) best suited to your project.

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