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79115 Freiburg

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Implementing a registered address for your company in Freiburg is an appropriate decision, when willing to dispose of a presence in Germany while being close to France and Switzerland. Be it for your headquarters, a new branch, or a commercial presence, our business centre located at Basler Str. 115 in Freiburg will enable you, thanks to the implementation of such a virtual office, to benefit from a professional and renowned address in Freiburg, ideal for conveying a high-quality image to your partners.

Virtual Office Freiburg

The benefits of a virtual office solution your company in Freiburg:

By choosing Freiburg to register the address of your company, you will choose a city which is at the crossroad of 3 countries (Germany/France/Switzerland) and therefore benefits from a strategic location. In our business centre at Basler Str. 115, you will find the following virtual office services:

  • Registered address for your company: an ideal solution to settle down in Freiburg without having to bear the costs of a permanent office. Your mail is received at Basler Str. 115 and we handle it for you. You may use our address for all correspondence and hence convey a high-quality image to your clients.
  • Customized call answering service: together with your registered address, you will benefit from a dedicated local number for your company. Our teams will answer on your behalf and forward the messages according to your instructions. Not only will you provide your company with a local image, but you will also be sure that you will miss no calls.
  • A business centre offering on-demand services: our workspaces may also be rented for one-off requirements. Convenient when you have an interview, a meeting with partners or clients in Freiburg, for half-a-day, a day or more.

Willing to benefit from our virtual office solution in Freiburg ?

  • Contact us at + 33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form.
Center's Director : Kathrin Hundert 

Kathrin Hundert

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located at the foot of the Black Forest Mountains, in the south-western part of Germany, Freiburg has become, in recent years, a pioneering city for sustainable development. Its climate, the involvement of the municipality in the development of green energies, and the policies implemented aiming at fostering the cooperation between companies and universities, do attract small structures specialized in the sectors of the future (solar energy, biotechnology, medicine, media…) who settle down in the region.  At the crossroad between Germany, Switzerland and France, crossed by two highways, situated on the main roads and rail routes of Switzerland and Europe, and close to the airports of Basel, Berne, Geneva and Zurich, Freiburg is also an international city, easily accessible, and a pleasant place to live and work in !  A green capital city strongly committed in the fields of environment, renewable energies, habitat, and transports, its economy relies mainly on alternative energies; but organic farming and green tourism are also being developed. The declared commitment of the city to being a major player in these new and very promising clean sectors does attract many specialist companies who settle down here.
  • In order to support your establishment in Germany, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Equipped offices, coworking, meeting rooms or virtual office, the teams of our partner’s centres will guide you through the implementation of the solution best suited to your project: Turnkey adaptable real estate solutions so that you may settle down in Germany easily and quickly.

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