Hanover South

Hildesheimer Straße 265 - 267

30519 Hanover

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

BBC Business- und Bürodienstleistungs Center GmbH

Currently creating your company in Hanover and willing to dispose of a representative office so as to probe the market ? Or just willing to open a new agency or subsidiary in Germany to get closer to your clients, without necessarily the need for a permanent office ? Come and discover the benefits of our registered address solution for your company in Hanover, in our Hanover South business centre, within an easily accessible building, and at a professional and renowned address. You will hence be able to benefit from an actual virtual office in Hanover without having to bear an initial investment and the costs of a permanent office. 

Virtual office Hanover south

The benefits of our virtual office solution in Hanover South:

  • By choosing our 265-267 Hildesheimer Str address for the registered address of your company, you will be able to receive your mail in our business centre. Our teams will keep it at your disposal, or forward it according to your instructions. You will hence convey a professional image for your company through the communication of this address in all your media (web site, documentation...)
  • Call answering service so that you may get closer to your clients in Hanover. Developing a new market requires a presence on the field, and this is often time-consuming, thus preventing you from providing a high-quality call answering service to your clients and partners. Thanks to the implementation of a dedicated local phone number for your company, our multilingual team will be able to answer your incoming calls and forward the messages according to your instructions. Your agenda scheduling is hence a mere child’s play, and you now dispose of a genuine virtual office in Hanover South without the constraints of a traditional real estate solution!
  • A business centre ready to support your development: thanks to the rental of our 30 fully equipped offices or of our 5 meeting rooms, you may take the leap from virtual to actual and, then, benefit from an equipped office. We will hence support you throughout your development !

Looking for a virtual office solution for your company in Hanover ?

  • Call us at +33  1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form.
Center's Director : Berthold  Garmann 

Berthold Garmann

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Third largest city of Northern Germany, Hanover is a powerful economic metropolis set in the heart of Europe. Ideally served by the A2 and A7 highways, the Deutsche Bahn ICE railway network, the airport, and disposing of a flawless public transportation network, Hanover is an easily accessible city open to the world. Its privileged geographic location at the heart of the European circulation routes, high-quality of infrastructure, and perfect interconnection between companies and Research and Innovation Institutes are all assets that make Hanover an attractive city where companies wish to settle down.  The presence of major brands such as Volkswagen, Continental, WABCO, Concordia or Swiss Life do contribute to reinforcing such attractiveness and the city’s international reputation already well known throughout the world thanks to the many trade fairs and congresses held every year.
  • Benefiting from a robust environment which hosts many high-tech sectors, and a dynamic economy conducive to investment, Hanover is a symbol of new ideas and innovation and a centrepiece in global economy. But, it is also a pleasant city to live in! Located on the banks of the river Laine, Hanover takes advantage of its proximity to a unique nature in Germany. In addition, the high-quality and affordability of the available housing of this city of the Land of Lower Saxony encourage companies to settling down in Hanover since the proposed quality of life for their employees is a formidable asset when recruiting and retaining their employees.
  • So as to support you in your establishment, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a Geman network of independent business centres . The expertise of their teams and the proposed real estate solutions (serviced office rental, meeting rooms’ rental, virtual office…) will be a major asset which will facilitate your installation in Germany.

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