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04103 Leipzig

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Willing to discover the benefits of disposing or a virtual office in Leipzig, at 1 Friedrich-List-Platz ? Thanks to this solution, you will firstly benefit from a high-quality professional address when opening a new branch or creating a new company in Leipzig. Secondly, our registered address solution will enable you to receive your mail in Leipzig, as if you had your own actual office. Combined with the implementation of a call answering service, your virtual office will provide you with all the benefits of a professional representation in Leipzig without the traditional associated costs.


Virtual office Leipzig

Your registered address in Leipzig, at 1 Friedrich-List-Platz: 

  • The business centre disposes of a prime address in Leipzig, thanks to which you will be able to register the address of your company, be it for establishing your headquarters, opening a new agency, or simply disposing of a commercial presence. Already disposing of offices in other German countries and willing to probe your potential in Leipzig without having to open an office ? You are a mobile entrepreneur and wish to dispose of a stable professional address which you can use in all your media (web site, commercial leaflets, business cards, invoices....) ? Our teams will handle the reception of your mail which will be kept at your disposal or forwarded onto you, according to your choice.
  • But there is more ! Our business centre in Leipzig will also provide your company with a local dedicated phone number. You will hence be able to go to your business appointments while being sure that your clients and partners will benefit from a customized call answering service. Your messages will be forwarded to you according to your instructions. You need to organize face-to-face meetings in Leipzig, or meetings? Our business centre disposes also of 7 meeting rooms so that you may rent, on-demand, the meeting room best suited to your needs, for half-a-day, a day or more. 

Willing to implement your virtual office solution in Leipzig ?

  • Call us at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form 
Center's Director : Ines Thümmler 

Ines Thümmler

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Goethe’s « Little Paris » has become the « New Berlin”. And yet, Leipzig is indeed incomparable. Located in the north-western part of the Land of Saxony, Leipzig has always been benefiting from a privileged geographic position which fostered its economic development. After the splendour of the industrial era, and the more difficult post-war period, Leipzig regained its dynamism and holds once again a central place in Europe. In 2008, following the implementation of DHL intercontinental hub, large companies (Amazon, Porsche, BMW, Siemens, PC-Ware, AG Softline or Primacom…) have settled down here or rehabilitated assembly lines, thus reviving the city.
  • As in the past, Leipzig took its fate into its own hands ! The city is indeed a powerful economic drive for the whole country, and once again full of ambition while willing to remain a pleasant city to live in. Only one hour from Berlin by train, Leipzig is indeed an attractive and very promising city when willing to start your project or establish a new structure abroad under optimal conditions. 
  • So as to support you in such adventure, BURO club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Virtual office, equipped offices, or meeting rooms, our partner will guide you in implementing the solution best suited to your project: turnkey adaptable real estate solutions so that you may establish your structure in Leipzig and in Germany easily and quickly.

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