Leipzig downtown

Nikolaistraße 6-10

04109 Leipzig

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

Hartmut Pleß Büro und Service

This business centre in Leipzig offers you not only an exceptional location, in the centre of Leipzig and only 7 minutes from the Central railway station, but also a robust experience of services to companies since 1996. In our 1200 sqm centre, you will be able to rent 1 of our 26 equipped offices. Available starting from one workstation, our turnkey and immediately operational serviced office rental solution in Leipzig City-centre will enable you to start your company, open an agency or a subsidiary. The centre disposes of parking spaces within the building and in Augustus square, nearby.


Office space rental Leipzig downtown

What are the benefits of renting a serviced office in Leipzig City-centre ? 

  • A wide array of offices which will meet your different configurations requirements: 26 offices are available for rental starting from 1 workstation up to 4 per space (office size from 14 to 38 sqm). Such choice does meet the needs of both companies being created and with only one employee, and companies already present in the market and willing to host several employees.
  • A turnkey solution: offices are already fully equipped: full set of furniture (desk, private box, cupboard, chair…), wired and air-conditioned (category 5 cabling), and benefiting from 24 hours per day and 7 days per week access.
  • An adaptable real estate solution: located at 6-10 Nikolaistr, our business centre enables you to rent an office in the heart of Leipzig with duration starting from one month or longer. You are not constrained as is the case with traditional real estate solutions, and you change your fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Shared common spaces: visitors’ reception, lounge and kitchen areas are all common parts that you can use and which are shared with the other clients of Leipzig business centre. 
  • A set of on-demand services: access to the printing centre, on-demand meeting rooms’ rental…. You do not need to invest in equipment, or bear the costs of permanent meeting rooms, often barely used. Thanks to our solutions, you pay only for what you use ! 

Willing to rent a serviced office in Leipzig ?

  • Our teams are at your disposal to answer your calls at +33 1 40 21 44 00. They will be happy to organize a visit so that you may see your future workspace
Center's Director : Britta  Müller 

Britta Müller

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Goethe had found in the city an air of « Small Paris », and today it is looked at as the « New Berlin”, but Leipzig is like nowhere else. Ideally located in the north-western part of the Land of Saxony, at the crossroad of Berlin-Munich route and the route connecting Germanic Europe with Poland, Leipzig, city of trade since its foundation, has experienced good times at the beginning of the 30’s thanks to textile and automotive industry. The post-war period was a difficult one for the city, but this former GDR region did rely on its many assets to reverse such trend.
  • Today, Leipzig is dynamic again, and disposes of a central position in Europe. DHL intercontinental hub establishment has indeed encouraged other large companies to do the same:  Amazon, Porsche, BMW or Siemens have settled down or renovated production lines, thus revitalizing the city. Leipzig has also attracted communication and IT technology companies such as PC-Ware, AG Softline or Primacom as well as many audio visual production companies.Thanks to its long trading tradition and its rich industrial past, Leipzig has established itself as a major industrial and commercial centre, thus making the city a powerful economic driver for the country. The many High School institutions do represent also a formidable asset, since, as in the whole of Germany, education, research and business world are strongly connected and constitute a major pillar for the German economy. For all these reasons, Leipzig is attracting a growing number of innovative companies. Only one hour by train from Berlin, there is still a place where a wind of freedom blows, over a territory full of promises so that you may start your projects.
  • So as to support you in such adventure, BURO club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Virtual office, equipped offices, or meeting rooms, the teams of our partner’s business centres will guide you in implementing the solution best suited to your project: turnkey adaptable real estate solutions so that you may establish your structure quickly and easily in Leipzig and in Germany.

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