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Saarbrucken is an ideal location when willing to reach out to the vast region between Saarland, France and Luxembourg. Be it for the inception of your company, or just to open a new branch in Germany, our business centre offers an agile and convenient registered address solution for your company. Located in Saarbrucken city centre, our business centre will enable you to get closer to your clients and partners in Saarbrucken, without having to invest in a permanent office. Mail handling, dedicated local phone number, and incoming call answering service will enable you to dispose of a genuine virtual office in Saarbrucken. Come and discover the benefits of a virtual office solution in Saarbrucken.


Virtual office Saarbrücken

The benefits of disposing of a virtual office for your company in Saarbrucken, in our business centre located at 41-43 St. Johanner Strasse:

  • You will explore the German market while.....at ease in your chair, in France or elsewhere. Our virtual office solution enables you to use our renowned address at 41-43 St. Johanner Strasse in Saarbrucken for all your media (web site, commercial documentation…), receive your mail and have it forwarded to the address of your choice, and benefit from a local phone number where our team will handle your incoming calls. You will hence be present in the German market, either to explore the potential of your products or start selling your services; and without the costs and constraints of a permanent office. 
  • You will control your investment while being agile. Opening a new branch or creating a new company, in Saarbrucken or in any other city in the world, requires investment in offices rental, equipment and administrative staff recruitment for handling your clients and prospects calls. Thanks to our virtual office solution, you will have none of that since you benefit from our address and share our team already on-site. Better yet: once your company is fully developing, and this time in need of an actual permanent office, our business centre will put at your disposal 1 of its 20 offices available for rental or its 2 meeting rooms. 

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Center's Director : Manuela  Jochum 

Manuela Jochum

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located in the heart of Europe, at the border between Germany and France, Saarbrucken is the capital city of the Land of Saarland, the smallest German Land. With its more than one-thousand-year history with many upheavals, Saarbrucken, an old mining and steel centre focused for a long time on heavy industries, is today, thanks to its higher research and education establishments, a modern services and technology cluster. Attracted by an adaptable and skilled workforce, and low commercial rents levels, many companies have settled down in Saarbrucken, making the city the economic heart of the Land of Saarland. Thanks to the perfect interactivity between companies and research and innovation institutes, the number of companies coming from the IT sector, or from the so-called sector of the future, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and renewable energies has indeed increased…making Saarbrucken an innovative and creative city. Thanks to its efficient airport close to the city centre and to other international airports, its highways connexions to all directions (A4 to Paris via the A320, the German highways A1 (Cologne), A6 (Luxembourg, Mannheim) and A8) and its rail connexions to the largest European metropolis via TGV/ICE (less than 2 hours to Paris or Frankfurt), Saarbrucken is also easily accessible.  A true communication hub, at the French-German border, Saarbrucken is indeed a very interesting settlement area when willing to develop your business outside your borders and benefit from new opportunities.
  • However, even if Saarbrucken is an economic centre disposing of many assets for companies, it is also a city with a baroque architecture, open to the world, and a pleasant place to live in. In order to support you establishment in Saarbrucken under the best possible conditions, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres. Virtual office, equipped offices, or meeting rooms, the teams of our partner’s centres will guide you through the implementation of the solution best suited to your project so that you may settle down quickly and easily in Saarbrucken or in other cities across Germany.

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