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Stuttgart is one of the most dynamic cities in Germany. It is not only known as the birthplace of the automotive industry, but also for its capacity in hosting a large variety of companies (high technology and industry). When willing settling down quickly and rent serviced offices without the constraints of a traditional real estate lease, our business centre is the ideal place for you. The centre, located in the Synergiepark, in the south-western part of Stuttgart, is only 20 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from Stuttgart-Vaihingen railway station. It offers you 32 fully equipped, ready for use and turnkey offices.

Serviced offices rental Stuttgart

4 good reasons for renting a serviced office in Stuttgart, in our business centre: 

Adaptable solution:

  • In the business world as we know it, it is sometimes difficult to anticipate too far ahead, and, whatever your business sector, optimizing fixed costs is a must do priority. Thanks to our real estate solution, you will be flexible: our rental duration starts from a few days up to several months or more. You may hence match the duration of your presence in our offices to the evolution of your company and control your costs. Likewise, you may start with only 1 workstation, and then rent additional offices if and when you hire staff. You will only pay for the private space you need in Stuttgart. 

A turnkey real estate solution:

  • Our solution includes the rental of your serviced office in Stuttgart, rental charges, cleaning and maintenance of the offices put at your disposal, a full set of furniture per workstation, internet access, a ready for use telephone infrastructure and much more. You will settle down in Stuttgart in record time, without any refurbishment works. 

A rental solution including many services:

  • Access to all the common spaces of our business centre (kitchen, relaxation area…), access to our shared facilities (printing centre…), access to the services of our multilingual team (German/English) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and parking spaces are some of the facilities and services proposed by our business centre. Welcome to our world where services to companies is our DNA ! 

A convenient and functional location:

  • The business centre is ideally located for the development of your business: Stuttgart airport is only 20 minutes by car and the centre is close to Stuttgart highways crossroad.

Willing to rent serviced offices in Stuttgart ?

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Center's Director : Martina  Scheel 

Martina Scheel

, Business Centre Manager

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  • Capital city of the land of Baden-Wurtemberg, in the southern part of Germany, Stuttgart is the sixth largest city of the country. Known as the birthplace and home of the automobile industry, the development of industrialization since the beginning of the 20th century brought an incomparable economic power to the city. However, Stuttgart is not only the home of large global reach groups such as Alcatel, Bosh, Daimler- Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard or Porsche, but it is also home to innovative SMEs (Behr, Dürr, Kärcher, Trumpf…) many of which being rated as world-class leaders in their respective areas. Such diversity has provided Stuttgart with a high-quality and dynamic economic environment, further reinforcing the ranking and power of this Land/region which provides 25% of all patents issued in Germany.
  • Industrial heavy-weight, leader in the field of advanced technologies, Stuttgart describes itself today as the “New heart of Europe”. And yet the city’s landscape has not dramatically changed, and Stuttgart remains an accessible and full of charm European city. Located at the centre of a basin surrounded by forests and vineyards which enabled the city to start growing wine as early as the 12th century and to produce today the Trollinger wine, or white wines such as Riesling, Kerner and Silvaner, Stuttgart is a pleasant city to live and work in.
  • Located in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, in the south-west part of the capital city of the Land, our partner’s business centre is easily accessible. Ideally located in this dynamic district well served by the road network and close to the airport, the business centre will enable you to dispose of a high-quality address for the registered address of your company in Germany. The team of our centre is at your disposal to consider with you the real estate solutions best adapted to your situation and offer you an office rental or a meeting room rental solution best suiting your needs. 

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