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65189 Wiesbaden

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

BBS Büro- & Business Service GmbH

The business centre at 1 Gustav-Stresemann-Ring in Wiesbaden is located in one of the most prestigious buildings of the capital city of the Land of Hessen, only 20 minutes from Frankfurt airport and 3 minutes from the Central railway station. You will be able to create your company or establish a new branch here, thanks to our virtual office solution for your company in Wiesbaden. You will benefit from the use of our address in all your media, and your mail will be handled by our team, so that you may dispose of a genuine virtual office in Wiesbaden without having to bear fixed costs. 

Virtual Office Wiesbaden

Our virtual office services for your company in Wiesbaden:

  • Thanks to our registered address solutions, you do not need to invest heavily in permanent offices, personnel or equipment when benchmarking a new market or getting closer to a sales area. Thanks to our solution, you will benefit from our prestigious address at 1 Gustav-Stresemann-Ring and communicate it to your partners. We will receive your mail and forward it onto you according to your instructions: you are now virtually present in Wiesbaden without an actual office and its related costs.
  • You may also combine the use of our address with the implementation of a local phone number fully dedicated to your company. Handled by our bilingual teams (German/English), this number will firstly enable you to display your company’s local presence in Wiesbaden to your clients and secondly, and more importantly, to be sure that your incoming calls are handled and forwarded as per your instructions. You have no staff to manage and, thanks to the span of our opening hours (from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), you will be able to attend your appointments in full confidence while your clients will not leave messages on an anonymous answering machine.

Willing to benefit from a virtual office in Wiesbaden ?

  • Call us at + 33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill the form.
Center's Director : Juergen Seiss 

Juergen Seiss

, Managing Director

+33 1 40 21 44 00


  • Located on the right bank of the river Rhine, Wiesbaden is the capital city of the Land of Hessen in Germany. Renowned for its thermal baths since Roman times, the city is highly respected. But the city, often called the “Nice of the North”, was not built on a day. After the prestigious Roman times, the city grew and had its period of glory from the 13th to the 17th century, when the Thirty Years’ War and Black Death raged and abruptly put an end to its development. Proud of such history, the city rebuilt itself during the 19th century, grew again, and earned its sophisticated thermal city’s reputation. The first and the second World Wars did not damage such reputation. Today, Wiesbaden enjoys an important economic activity. It is the second wealthiest city of the Land of Hessen and one of the wealthiest in Germany.
  • Economically powerful, the city benefits also from an excellent location. Well served thanks to a vast motorway and railway network, and with Frankfurt airport nearby, it is easily accessible. Wiesbaden is therefore a very attractive and unique city. A city transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary…
  • So that you may join this virtuous circle, BURO Club has implemented a partnership with a German network of independent business centres which will facilitate your establishment in Wiesbaden.  Equipped offices, meeting rooms or virtual office, our partner’s business centre team will guide you and provide you with the solution best suited to your project so that you may start or develop your business in Germany under the best possible conditions.

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