Hong Kong 88 Gloucester Road

Levels 8 & 41,
88 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

. Hong Kong

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


A project to open an agency in Hong Kong without the need to rent a permanent office ? Are you exploring the potential of your market and need a postal address or to manage your local calls ? Come and discover the advantages of our virtual office plans in Hong Kong, in this business centre located on the 8th and 14th floor of a modern building and in the Wan Chai district, close to administrations and government agencies. A simple and agile solution for a first establishment in Hong Kong.

New BURO Club Partner Business Centre in Hong Kong. Virtual office - Serviced offices - Meeting rooms rental

Hong Kong 88 Gloucester Road Virtual Offices

Why choose the solution to address your business in Hong Kong, in the Gloucester Road business center ? :

  • Take care of your budget : 480 HKD per month is the price to benefit from a postal address in this business centre. Our teams receive your mail and you can use our address on all your media. An agile and economical solution !
  • Improve your reputation : setting up in a new country or market place requires that you take good care of the image you are going to convey. By subscribing a virtual office in Hong Kong Gloucester Road, you protect your reputation with your local partners. 
  • Think about the future : your business is growing in Hong Kong and you need to manage your local calls, rent offices or even meeting rooms ? No problem ! Our business centre offers these solutions, along with our 21 other business centres in Hong Kong. 

Need to locate your business in Hong Kong Gloucester Road ?

  • Please contact us on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in a form. Your virtual office is awaiting you !
Center's Director : Gloucester Road Hong Kong 

Gloucester Road Hong Kong

, Business Centre Manager

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a major financial and commercial centre, is the ideal place to launch a business in East Asia. Retroced to China since 1997 and formerly colonized by the British, Hong Kong is the wealthiest city in China and third largest financial centre in the world.

Dynamic and foreign-oriented, this autonomous and culturally contrasting city from the rest of China is therefore a privileged setting for launching your business. Member of the "4 dragons", and with a leading position in international trade, Hong Kong is indeed a territory conducive to business and trade.

The BURO Club Partner Hong Kong 88 Gloucester Road will provide you with the business address, private offices or meeting rooms your business needs so that you can easily carry out your projects in China. Seize this opportunity thanks to the partnership formed between BURO Club and this independent business residence and thus have all the tools necessary for your installation in China.

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