Hong Kong Admiralty

8F & 11F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2,
18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty

. Hong Kong

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Subscribe a virtual office for your company in Hong Kong Admiralty business centre . You will enhance your image while benefiting from a professional and cost effective service enabling you to avoid renting a private office. You will enjoy a recognised address in China. An agile and economical solution to settle in Hong Kong !

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Hong Kong Admiralty Virtual Offices

Improve your company's image with a simple and effective solution by choosing one of our virtual office plans in  Hong Kong Admiralty ! You will enjoy a recognized address in the Hong Kong region while avoiding the costly rental of a private office.

The advantages of a virtual office in Hong Kong Admiralty : 

  • Economical solution : by choosing a virtual office for your company in the BURO Club Partner Hong Kong Admiralty centre, you will enjoy a dynamic address in a modern Hong Kong district from 780 HKD per month. A cost effective  solution since you won't have to rent an equipped office in Hong Kong.
  • A quality image : the building is next to large companies and establishments in the area such as Bank of America (about 600m away), Audi, or the French and German consulates in Hong Kong. An improved image is therefore guaranteed.
  • Business services : visitors reception, mail receiving and forwarding or telephone permanence. Let the qualified team at this business centre do it for you and focus on your business in Hong Kong. And if you need to hold an event or set up at your business address in Hong Kong, renting a private office or meeting room is compatible with your virtual office. 

Want to know more ?

  • Contact Hong Kong Admiralty Business centre on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the form on line to receive information about this service.
Center's Director : Admiralty Hong Kong 

Admiralty Hong Kong

, Business Centre Manager

Hong Kong

  • With a leading position in international trade, the third largest financial center in the world and the largest special administrative region in China is a prime location for anyone wishing to develop a business in Southeast Asia. Always in effervescence and endowed with a unique culture favourable to business, the "Fragrant Harbour" welcomes more and more foreign companies in development search.
  • With the BURO Club international network, you can also try your luck in this region of southern China. Virtual office in Hong Kong, coworking space, private office rental or meeting rooms will be offered in this business centre thirty-seven kilometers from Hong Kong International Airport. You will thus have all the necessary tools for your installation in China.

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