Casablanca Zerktouni

140 boulevard Zerktouni
20070 Casablanca

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Do you plan to rent Coworking spaces in Casablanca ? This BURO Club Partner Business Center, located on the renowned Zerktouni Boulevard, offers easy access just a short walk from the tram. You will find state of the art equipped shared spaces. Be member of a dynamic and inspiring community of entrepreneurs ! Come and discover the benefits of coworking and become agile ! Enjoy Your Business and Enjoy Coworking with BURO Club !

Coworking Casablanca Zerktouni

Coworking spaces in Casablanca Zerktouni :

  • Enjoy a coworking space for only 1,400 DH (HT) per month. You will have access to your shared space, equipped with fiber optic internet access. Your space rental , rental charges and individual and secure storage are included in your plan. But that's not all ! You will have access to free coffee and tea, enjoy your company name plate logo at the entrance and a dedicated telephone line.
  • A solution for start up, SME or nomads who wish to optimize their development in business conditions. Be agile and cowork. Share your of ideas , expertise, and benefit from the expertise of other business center members!

Learn more about coworking in Casablanca Zerktouni ?

  • Contact us on + 33 (0)1 40 21 44 00 or fill out an online form. Your coworking space in Casablanca is waiting for you !
Center's Director : Mohamed Berrada  

Mohamed Berrada

, Managing Director

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