Gran Vía de Carles III, 84 - Plantas 3 y 4.
Bâtiments Trade.

08028 Barcelona

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Do you plan to establish your company in Barcelona or to launch a new branch or sales agency ? In this case, you will probably need to register your company at a prestigious and renowned business address. By suscribing a virtual office plan with our BURO Club Partner in Barcelona, you make the choice to set up your company in one of the most prestigious building of the city, close to the famous Diagonal Avenue. Located in the modern Edificio Trade building, the business center provides a large choice of virtual office plans in Barcelona such as a business address or a personalized telephone answering. Come and discover how to consolidate your business presence in Barcelona without renting permanent offices.

New BURO Club Partner

Virtual Office Barcelona

The benefits of your virtual office in Barcelona:

  • Because image counts ! Our premises are located in the prestigious Edificio Trade, one the most renowned building of the city and close to Diagonal avenue. By suscribing a virtual office, you will use our business address in all your supports (website, marketing materials..;) and you can be sure you will make a first good impression !
  • An all inclusive service ! Our business address includes the use of our address and your mail reception. You can also combine your plan with a personalized telephone answering. Our staff provides a local telephone number dedicated to your company and will take care of your incoming calls. You will have a full business presence in Barcelona....without the costs of a permanent office. 
  • A scalable solution ! When your company grows, we will be here to provide serviced offices or meeting room rental. You keep the same business address and rent flexible workspaces. An agile solution for your company !
Center's Director : Sandra  Barreto 

Sandra Barreto

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00

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