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Want to optimize your business without having to bear the costs of a fixed office ? While offering a serious image to your company ? BURO Club Partner London 110 Bishopsgate can provide you with the services necessary for the smooth establishment of your company. Enjoy a prestigious address in the capital for your company's image and professional services included that will facilitate the launch of your business in England

New business centre BURO Club Partner : rental of equipped offices and meeting rooms, company virtual office

Virtual offices London 110 Bishopsgate

The advantages of a virtual office in London 110 Bishopsgate : 

A professional address : use this recognised address on all your commercial and administrative documents, reassure your customers and partners and consolidate your presence on the English market. Receive your mail and parcels at your London address and have them forwarded to the address of your choice by the centre's team, who will also answer on your behalf and forward messages to you according to your instructions.

Services : Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without interruption, the centre's teams are your single point of contact, so you can optimise the management of your business while strengthening your local presence and without having to worry about personnel management. Meeting room rental is one of the services you can benefit from thanks to your company virtual office
The professionals in this business centre will accompany you as your company evolves and will be able to offer you equipped office rental solutions. By renting an office or a meeting room while having a virtual office in the same place, you considerably reduce your administrative procedures and offer beautiful prospects to your business.

Want to know more ?

Contact Tanya Benson and her team on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill out this form. Your virtual office solution is waiting for you in London !

Center's Director : Tanya Benson 

Tanya Benson

, Business Centre Manager


London is one of the most influential capitals in the world. Located in the south of England, its economic power and its cultural influence are not any more to show, but London shines also by its remarkable diversity (more than three hundred languages are spoken there), its young and qualified active population. Hyper connected to the world with multiple means of international transport such as its airports and the Channel Tunnel, London is accessible from anywhere which is an advantage for the expansion of your business. London is an exciting place to start your business in the United Kingdom.

Known for its financial specialisation, London has prestigious business districts with many assets and housing large companies. BURO Club Partner London 110 Bishopsgate is 30 minutes from London City Airport and is surrounded by several subway stations that will take you to the four corners of the city, making your working conditions easier for sure. This business centre also offers you all the services necessary for the smooth running of your business, virtual office, meeting room and serviced offices are the flexible virtual office plans that BURO Club Partner London 110 Bishopsgate puts at your disposal so that you can work in optimal conditions in London.

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