London Dover Street

48 Dover Street, London, W1S 4FF
W1S 4 London

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Located in London's prestigious Mayfair business district, BURO Club Partner London Dover Street offers you its turnkey private office rental solutions to meet the needs of your business in England. This business premises offers you a wide range of fully equipped privatised offices allowing you to work in excellent conditions in London

New BURO Club Partner : rental of equipped offices and meeting rooms, company virtual office

Serviced offices London Dover Street

The modern and ergonomic workspaces of this easily accessible business premises will give you a known address in the capital while providing you with quality working conditions and services. Take advantage of the strategic location and the many assets of the residence to successfully complete your project in England.

The benefits of renting an office in London Dover Street :

In one of London's busiest business districts, the modern, fully equipped BURO Club Partner London Dover Street office workspaces will get you started in the UK without delay.

By renting a fully furnished private office immediately operational, enjoy services included in your office rental (telephone permanence, postal service, visitor reception...). A turnkey solution that also gives you access to the centre's common areas (kitchen, roof garden, lounges) and gives you 24/7 access to your office.

Avoid inflexible long-term leases and heavy loads. Manage your budget and your time without constraints ! Simplify the launch of your business in England by choosing the BURO Club Partner London Dover Street centre for your private office rental (a service that includes your company virtual office and compatible meeting room rental), and enjoy exceptional working conditions.


Would you like to rent an office in London ?

To make an appointment and visit the offices of the BURO Club Partner London Dover Street, contact Claire Handley and her team at +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the form opposite.

Center's Director : Claire Handley 

Claire Handley

, Business Centre Manager


London, the capital of the United Kingdom and located in the south-east of Great Britain, is also the world's leading financial centre. The most populous city in Europe, producing almost one fifth of UK GDP (half of which in the City), has a high diversity and a young and dynamic working population. Its economic power and its cultural influence are indeed no longer to be demonstrated, but London also shines by its remarkable diversity (more than three hundred languages are spoken there) and its young and qualified working population. An ideal setting to start your business in the United Kingdom.

Mayfair is the embassy district, very aristocratic, very chic. The Mayfair district is more than ideal. Right in the centre of London, the Mayfair district is at the crossroads of various key points in London. Bordered by Hyde Park to the west and the ultra trendy West End to the east, it is surrounded by the Piccadilly Circus neighbourhoods to the south and Oxford Street and Regent's Street to the north.

This BURO Club Partner London Dover Street business centre, nestled in a luxury brand house and in the prestigious Mayfair business district, will offer you a wide range of virtual office plans that will facilitate your business in England. Use the BURO Club's partnership with a network of business centres in the UK to facilitate the launch of your business activities across the United Kingdom. Perform your administrative and logistical procedures with ease and take advantage of all the solutions offered by this business centre such as the rental of equipped offices, meeting rooms and virtual office.

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