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News of the 27/01/2016

« Enjoy your business » more than ever! BURO Club, your serviced office rental expert with its inspiring slogan has initiated a loyalty program, as you may have noticed when receiving your registration form. Since 1992, BURO Club has been active in the business centre sector and is demonstrating its robustness and sustainability. Our approach: a wide array of professional and customizable services for freelancers, mobile workers, new entrepreneurs, aiming at optimizing their business and easing their daily life. The membership card will enable us to meet such objectives. 

BURO Cluber’s rewards its members

Our company is enjoying a steady growth and has as of today 63 business centres in France – including the French Antilles and Guyana -, Belgium and Algeria. We can be proud of being the N° 1 independent network in France. Twenty three years after the beginning of this adventure, its designers – among which Frédéric Dathy, CEO, and Didier Coppi, Director of development – have been maturing a project called BURO Cluber’s, in order to reward the loyalty of their numerous subscribers via practical benefits for the business centres members. Consequently, and as of September the 15th, letters and mails have been sent to you, our members, so that you enter this innovative program which will enable you to benefit from many privileges. For instance : discounted prices when renting cars, hotel rooms, subscribing to a mutual insurance and buying certain office supplies from the BURO Club partners. And all this for free!

How does it work ?

A three-page leaflet has or will be given to each subscriber. It includes a short information form to fill out with some information needed such as: your name, first name, company name and mail address. You may also fill out the form on-line by clicking here. It will just take a moment. You will then receive your temporary loyalty card, before the permanent one. Quite attractive, in the centre page, you will discover your six major benefits. You will then learn that:This free card is only for our subscribers;

- Our office residents are awarded two days for free per month of office rental, including a free drink. As for our virtual office clients, BURO Club offers them one day of rental and one drink per month;

- You will be able to benefit from one free day per month of office rental in one of our international business centres.

- You may use freely our business centres’ lounges and common parts;

- You will benefit from a 10% discount when renting a meeting room;

- You will obtain benefits and discounted prices from our BURO Club partners. Among such partners, whose list is increasing constantly in order to meet the BURO Cluber’s members, you will find business related providers, such as office supplies central purchasing departments or IT equipment discounted prices; and also services for SMEs such as business administration consultancy, legal advice or employees training consulting services, etc. For you, already familiar with our serviced offices and meeting rooms, your referent BURO Club business centre and its team will answer all questions regarding the registration procedure. Do not hesitate to call on a member for more information and receive quickly your permanent card. From the beginning of December, every new BURO Club member will receive a welcome letter with his/her BURO Cluber’s loyalty card. Showing interest in a new member is indeed the best way to welcome him/her!

Enjoy your Business

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