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News of the 04/08/2016

BURO Club is the first French network of independent business centers. The company has more than a hundred establishments in France and abroad and never stops gaining new members. Among its most popular advantages: flexible office space solutions for mobile workers. Claude Dermaux, BURO Club’s associate of Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq business centers, witnesses this fact every day.

Words come easily to Claude Dermaux, BURO Club’s associate of Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq business centers, when asked to describe her role: "The job that we do is simply described: we facilitate business." That’s one way of considering the management of a business center matching with BURO Club’s vision. Chief financial officer earlier in her carreer, she made the change around 2003 and explains that she “got hooked” with the values of the French leader in the serviced offices rental business. "At BURO Club, all of our services are flexible. This enables us to provide our members practical business solutions on time for each specific task they have to perform", she tells. Serviced and virtual offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, coworking spaces, reception services, here are the core propositions of BURO Club.

The BURO Clubers find their groove

Forty settled companies enjoy Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq workspaces. At the same time, Claude Dermaux counts approximately 170 virtual office clients. A majority of them benefit from BURO Club’s loyalty program, the BURO Cluber’s card. Established in September 2015, it offers them a free day per month in another business center than the one they depend on, with access to lounge and reception areas. As for the residents, they enjoy the same perk, but for two days instead of just one. It is a good opportunity to discover other business centers, meet distant colleagues and easily set appointments. "It's a great way for them to experience services that big companies use, even if they are very small businesses", says Claude Dermaux. "BURO Club takes into account mobile workers and makes their life easier", she adds. A process at which consultants, coaches, recruiting firms and commercial companies are sensitive to. They are led to canvass new clients and meet customers all over the country. "They need to convey a certain image and are also looking for privacy during their talks. That's what they get in our premises and would not find in a cafe or in a hotel lobby", says the BURO Club’s associate.

Mobility and networking aspects

BURO Cluber’s loyalty card is offered to each new member. They benefit from a 10% discount on renting a meeting room as well as preferential rates on car rentals, hotel rooms and purchase of supplies. Beyond that, mobile workers get the opportunity to extend their network and develop their activities in the best conditions. "It is also our role to talk to them and put them in touch with the right people. We make sure that they are less isolated as possible, even if they do not have a sedentary status." It is precisely one of the strengths of BURO Club’s foundations. "Being an independent network is an important point, a real perk. Each partner knows their city and region. They’re involved in there. Within a national network, they’re involved with a local network with which they can help regular workers as well as mobile ones in order to develop."

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