Which options do you have to set up a business address?
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News of the 25/04/2016

A company needs a head office for tax and legal issues. This office is often located in professional premises where staff are working. BURO Club explains you all the advantages that virtual offices represent to quickly register your branch or your company in a new city or country.

Head office, professional premises and virtual offices.

First, let’s clarify the difference between virtual office and real premises. Regarding the service provided by your company, a specific business location away from your head office may be necessary. It is possible then that the business address is nothing more than a place to receive the mail.

Why this difference? The double location increases the credibility and the reputation of the company. Let’s take for example the case of a company specialised in building premises. Its activity implies huge storage area, vehicles and other production machines. This logistic obliges the company to own a warehouse, that is not really a fine place to welcome potential customers. Similarly, setting up a business address in an industrial area is not appealing. In order to improve the visibility and accessibility of the firm, an attractive address, even a prestigious one, is inescapable if you want to develop your customers base.

A professional business address is the solution

To obtain the official number of a company in France and, consequently, exercise legally a professional activity, the first thing to do is to register a business address at the Trade and company register (RCS). To validate the action, the address might be:

  • The personal residence of the entrepreneur
  • A professional premise owned or rented by the company
  • A virtual office in a business centre such as BURO Club

Let’s describe each possible solution:

Personal home

Working in a personal accommodation is possible but is often a temporary solution. When the business will increase, the professional framework will impinge on the private life. More, it appears that working at home is a true economic brake on the long go. The development is slowed by many aspects related to the rights of employees and their working environment. This solution is completely incompatible with a competitive structure which has to last.

Traditional lease

Professional premises come with long leases, from three to nine years in France. Many businesses do not need such a long length. Last but not least, the cost of renting permanent premises could be very high if you choose a prestigious district.

Office business centres: a fast, simple and cost effective business address solution

The best way to set up a professional business address is probably to choose a virtual office solution provided by operators such as BURO Club.

For a young project still in development, a professional address in a business district offers a lot of flexibility. With BURO Club for example, you can choose your business address among a comprehensive list of more than 100 prestigious locations in Europe. In each business district, besides the registered address solution, you will  find serviced offices ready to use and suited to your needs.

To quickly set up and register your company  in Europe, the virtual office services provided by companies like BURO Club are efficient and convenient. Many firms use this solution to obtain easily their head office address. In addition, setting up a business address in a prestigious area of Paris, Berlin, Roma or Zurich is a strategical lever to improve the image of our company. To extend your reputation, the place where you choose to set up your business address has a true influence, appealing new potential customers and impressing your partners. 

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