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News of the 23/01/2018

The BURO Club Guadeloupe business center was not mistaken when it chose to locate its offices in the heart of the Jarry industrial zone. With this strategic location, it encourages and supports several companies today, the latest of which, CODARE, was founded in 2017 by Corinne Aiguadel-Jalême, David Barru and Régis Aiguadel-Jalême.

Tell us about CODARE...

CODARE is a company focused on ecology and energy saving. The company is very young since my associates and I created it just six months ago. For now, we have focused on solar water heaters, but we hope to expand our business scope to other green projects which are important to us.

Why did you choose a virtual office?

We did not want serviced offices right from the start. We did a study of the different companies specialized in virtual offices and BURO Club is the one that seemed the most reliable to us. Today we do not regret our choice! For a start-up business, this option offers economic and practical advantages. For ecological reasons also, as we wanted to stand by our principles.

Does the geographical location of the Baie-Mahault center have any advantages over your sector of activity?

Yes of course, and there’s actually an obvious reason: Baie-Mahault is Guadeloupe’s economic heart and all our partners are located in Jarry. With regards to our customers we could not consider another location to register our company.

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