BURO Club Rennes’staff: an advantage for the TTA company
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News of the 01/08/2017

Choosing a business address is one of the first decisions an entrepreneur must make. Ahmet Avsar -TTA’s company director - has elected our office space solution in Rennes to develop his firm. TTA stands for Tout Type d’Affaires, which means “All Business Types” in French.

Buildings’ renovation, restoration and rehabilitation are the type of activities run by the TTA company from the Ille-et-Vilaine French department. Let’s meet Ahmet Avsar, the man at the head of this project.

Could you tell us more about you?

Before becoming a business owner, I gained a lot of experience working as a plasterer. Subsequently, I imagined a completely new type of insulation but I did not find the funding needed to develop it. So I filed a patent and started my own business by creating TTA.

What type of work does TTA do?

At first, my company grew up through plastering and insulation work. As years went by, I managed to diversify my services and TTA became a general construction company.

What is your goal?

My goal is to create a nationwide franchise, able to offer high quality expert assessments in several types of crafts. We’re are in the process of reaching this goal as we’re actually working with Orange Bleue network, which owns more than 300 gyms throughout France.

Why did you choose BURO Club?

A large part of my clients wish to meet me in person. Human interaction is very important in this job, it’s the greatest way to develop and maintain trust in work relationships. Few people working in my field can welcome their clients in high-quality office spaces such as Rennes’ business center. Thanks to BURO Club’s serviced offices, I distinguish myself from competition. Furthermore, Rennes’ BURO Club team welcomes my clients with great professionalism and my business is greatly benefitting from this perk.

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