Claude Dermaux: Interview with the founder of the BURO Club Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq center
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News of the 03/11/2017

Claude Dermaux is an independent and autonomous business leader who has achieved herself and succeed in a business sector entirely new to her. She has created the business center BURO Club Lille in 2003 and the one in Villeneuve d'Ascq in 2007. Now, she manages a team of six employees spread over her two companies. They constantly evolve to keep their clients satisfied.

How did you settle in the north of France?

In fact, I’m from the area of Lille. It’s in 2002 that I met Frédéric Dathy, the current president of the BURO Club network. As I was planning to start a business, I was seduced by the project and the services offered by BURO Club. Then, I went to three different centers to see how it worked. I wanted to understand the things that were working well and those that weren’t, to avoid mistakes. I also checked what the competitors proposed. When I had my project in mind, I started!

What are the advantages of the location of your BURO Club Villeneuve d'Ascq center?

Creating a company in Villeneuve d'Ascq has a great geographical interest, it is a convenient and well served place. It is a new city, very airy and dynamic, appreciated by a lot of people. It is more accessible for customers who want to avoid the center of Lille. For example, we have as many customers for virtual office in Villeneuve d'Ascq as in Lille. In addition, the proximity to Belgium offers us the advantage of welcoming many Belgian customers.

As a business leader, what are the values you stand for?

The main value is the quality of welcoming and service. Customers come to us to find an adapted workspace for their business. We must be attentive and have empathy for their requests. This is essential. It requires a certain proximity with our customers. We also guarantee the professionalism of our teams and the adapted layout of our offices. It requires constant renewal for the good of our customers and their business.

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