Disconnection rights : BURO Club supports you in your holidays
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News of the 09/08/2018

As the sun is back in Paris, and temperatures are rising, the question of holidays is beginning to arise. For some companies, leave goes hand in hand with planning management difficulties, whether on the employee or managerial side. Zoom on the reluctance of assets to disconnect and the solutions that BURO Club offers alongside the offices rental so that this period is no longer synonymous with worry.

Shared guilt

While the right to disconnect has been in force since 1 January 2017, for many employees not logging in on holiday, or at least not being reachable, would lead to a feeling of guilt. This is the case for 42.7% of managers, according to a study on the prevention of psychosocial risks. Professional obligations and the anticipation of a heavy workload on return would be the main reasons given for maintaining this permanent connection.

Moreover, this attachment to work seems to be normalizing for the working environment. According to this study, only 28.7% of those surveyed received comments when communicating with their company during their holidays.

However, do not think that this difficulty with disconnection is only the prerogative of employees. Indeed, the leaders also have difficulties to detach themselves from the office. Most of them do not totally drop out during their holidays, and regularly consult their professional communications. According to a Securex survey, 78% of bosses have business communications during weekends or holidays, a majority of which say they often do. In most cases, they want to make sure there are no problems, and, like employees, they don't want to be overwhelmed when they return.

BURO Club at the service of disconnection

In order to ensure your peace of mind during your holidays or in the event of absence, BURO Club offers you, within the virtual office and office rental context, telephone hotline or line forwarding services, mail management or even the scan of your mail. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the business centres in your city.

  • Disconnection rights : BURO Club supports you in your holidays