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News of the 14/11/2016

Many services are offered by BURO Club to accompany enterprises. Sometimes, these services are so helpful that a young society may find them essential. That is the expression of Sébastien Barbereau. His task is to develop the customer base for Emisys in the western part of France. He found his office space solutions in the Nantes BURO Club business centre, near the train station.

Emisys in a few words

We help professionals to make their projects a reality. We analyse all managerial, technical and methodological matters required to give life to their ideas. Our plus is to participate actively to the project making, including our experts team, which are carefully selected in each agency.

Why is Emisys opening several agencies?

We have the ambition to build solid partnerships with our customers and enhance our team cohesion. Proximity is an essential point to achieve that. With the opening of our agency in Nantes, we target a brand-new area. Our strength depends on our collaborator’s diversity and skills quality, which is why I may recruit local professionals to fulfil my customers’ requests. The activity is new, it started in September 2016, so the physical reception by BURO Club is a huge positive point for my business.

What other assets do you appreciate in a business centre?

To work alongside with other enterprises on a day to day basis is very inspiring. Some encounters have indeed been interesting and became partnerships. I work now with another company settled in this BURO Club business centre of Nantes, as our activities are complementary.

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