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News of the 28/04/2017

The Temporary work training insurance fund (FAF.TT, in French) is a Joint commission for collective training (OPCA), as well as a Commission for training leave (OPACIF). Its role is to advise, finance and accompany temporary workers and temporary employment agencies towards various professional developments, according to their needs. FAF.TT rents, among others, offices in Rennes’ BURO CLUB business center. Stella Cornand, communications manager of the company, talks about the FAF.TT's activity.

Can you list the main tasks of the FAF.TT?

We have three main work areas. FAF.TT finances temporary agency workers’ trainings in France. The training request may come from the worker himself or may be at the initiative of a temporary employment agency.

We also have a consulting and support role for temporary workers. They come to us in a process of professional development, sometimes with a specific project in mind. We welcome them and see how to best guide them in their endeavors.

Finally, we are attentive to temporary work companies. We identify their skills’ needs and try to organize collective training operations between several agencies. Showing that one can evolve professionally internally is a great argument of loyalty for these agencies.

How is the FAF.TT organized throughout France?

Since the summer of 2015, we have deployed six inter-regional delegations to cover the metropolitan area, as well as one in the French overseas departments. Before, everything was centralized in Paris. For example, we rent offices at BURO Club in Bordeaux and Rennes, which we are very pleased with. We take advantage of the meeting rooms but also of the serviced offices and reception spaces to receive the temporary workers and to counsel them. The offices are modern and pleasant, and the venues benefit from a central location, which is very convenient. Personally, I find the staff very friendly, smiling and always willing to help. All this makes the workspace ideal.

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