French Guyana, in search of investment
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News of the 09/10/2017

Guyana is France’s largest department. With its 83,000 square kilometers, it is the only one to sit on another continent. This French enclave is also the most dynamic in terms of population. There are currently 260 000 inhabitants, almost twice as many as twenty years ago.

Why? In the 1980s and 1990s, the Guyanese population inflated thanks to immigration. Today, it continues to grow (over 3% per year), through the combined effects of high birth rate and low mortality. According to the figures published by INSEE, the Guyanese population will reach 574,000 inhabitants by 2040. It is also the youngest population in France, with 42.3% of the population under twenty, compared to a quarter of the population for the metropolis.

Geostrategic center

The key sectors in French Guyana are space industry, mineral wealth, tourism and fishing. The Guyana Space Center, located in Kourou, is the industrial and technological showcase of the region, as well as its main growth engine according to INSEE.

The city of Cayenne - prefecture and economic center of French Guyana - hosts more than 60,000 inhabitants. Half of the companies in the department are set there. Cayenne serves as an import-export platform to Metropolitan France, the West Indies and abroad. It has a real geostrategic position.

The administrations established in the city represent a large part of jobs; they promote the development of businesses, as well as social, health and school facilities. It is also worth mentioning that the construction sector is growing, largely due to the increase in local population. However, many other industries are struggling to flourish.

Fortunately, more and more foreign and French companies are trying the Guyanese adventure. The investments made in the territory represent a key factor to its economic development, which is still relatively low. The BURO Club network is proud to contribute to this development thanks to practical office space solutions, such as serviced office rentals and virtual office solutions. The flexibility of those solutions facilitate the establishment of businesses on the territory as well as their development.

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