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News of the 29/09/2017

Nelly Joachim-Eugene joined Martinique’s BURO Club business center in September 2014. She is the local referent for GIG (Groupe Informatique de Gestion / Management IT Group) and rents a permanent office there. We asked her a few questions.

Tell us about GIG and your mission in Martinique...

GIG is a company based in Guadeloupe. It was created in 1980 and is composed of about thirty employees. We work on the computerization of regional governments in the French West Indies and Guyana. Our objective is to accompany the administration from A to Z in a secure process of dematerialization of its services. The main objective of this process is to improve the public service in all areas. I am originally from Guadeloupe, I came to settle in Martinique when I was proposed to develop a branch for GIG. It was a very interesting development for the company as well as for my career.

Why did you choose to rent a serviced office at BURO Club’s?

We were initially seduced by the very central location of the business center in Fort-de-France. Our activity involves travelling across the whole island, so being at the heart of it was strategically advantageous. Also, it's a turnkey solution that enabled me to be operational as soon as I arrived. Today we are a team of two employees, but I started alone initially. It was extremely convenient to have a functional and serviced office, and to know myself surrounded by other professionals working in the same business center.

What other BURO Club’s services do you benefit from?

We discovered services that we had not even thought of, such as the secretariat, which is very important to us. The responsiveness and professionalism of the business center’s team are complementary to our business. We also take advantage of the ABM 2000 mobile application, which enables us to immediately take note of our calls and messages. We can access this platform on computers too, which is quite useful. Last but not least, when we’re away, thanks to the BURO Cluber's loyalty program, we can enjoy two days of free office rental per month in another business center, in other areas. This enables us to carry out our missions smoothly during business trips.

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