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News of the 25/01/2018

L’Art du Crime is a brand-new French detective fiction TV series with a heavy focus on the great works of art. Last December, the business center BURO Club Paris Trocadero appeared in one of the last episodes of the first season. In this episode, one could recognize Kailiang Yang's painting hidden within the office spaces.

A cinema-themed 25 years celebration...

To blow out its 25 candles, BURO Club decided to run its own show and celebrate the event in the best way possible! An appearance in one of the most popular French series of the moment seemed like a great way to celebrate the occasion. When the BURO Club Paris Trocadero business center was contacted by the production company, it was with immense pleasure that the entire team opened their office doors.

The shooting of the scenes took place over the course of two days in one of the center’s rooms, specially arranged for the needs of the film crew. If L’art du crime’s crew chose the Trocadero BURO Club center to shoot certain scenes, it was partly for practical reasons, according to the center’s staff:

"The location of our center in Paris is a major asset for our clients. In fact, this is not the first time we have been contacted for an office space solution to be used for a movie scene ... "

Filmmaking among works of art

By transposing the codes of detective fiction into the world of art, the television series hit a bullseye while airing on France 2 channel. Each investigation is linked to a famous artwork, thus building a bridge between two seemingly distant professions: that of the historian and the policeman.

If there is one thing that the producers of L’art du crime and the BURO Club of Trocadero share, it is a taste for works of art and their valorization!

Artworks stealing the show at Buro Club Paris Trocadéro

The other reason for this collaboration is the unique setting and design of the venue. The works of art are not background actors there, they actually occupy the space fully. Moreover, it is not to displease the center's clientele who enjoy high-end perks with premium services fully tailored to their needs.

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