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News of the 13/04/2017

The professional association Afilog has been existing for 15 years. Its mission is to represent all the professions of the logistics sectors as well as to enhance their economic and societal weight. Afilog is led by Claude Samson (CEO), Diana Diziain (managing director) and Constance Laan (deputy). From the Paris Vendôme BURO Club’s business center, the latter spoke to us about Afilog.

Logistics, it seems vast a priori...

It is, because logistics are everywhere. From the pen you hold in your hand to the Amazon package you will receive. We have around 100 members, including Renault, DHL, Carrefour and Casino. Our role is to bring their demands to the public authorities but also to consumers. Everyone must realize that logistics are an expanding economic field.

Is society unaware of it?

Initially, logistics did not necessarily have good press with the elected representatives because we think of large warehouses, of an activity that does not create jobs. Now, it is quite the opposite. We take care of sharing storage platforms. Moreover, logistics now represents 11 % of all jobs in France, which is significant.

Why choose a BURO Club office space solution?

One of the reasons we rent an office here is the multiple meeting rooms the center has to offer. One of them can accommodate more than 25 people. We meet with our members several times a week, so we needed a central location because many of our partners are located in the Parisian golden triangle. Last but not least, we needed a qualitative, simple and efficient system, which enables us to focus on our work only, without having to worry about the administrative parts. They take our messages when we are absent, they relay them to us. It is very convenient, well-organized and the center’s team is also very nice. We are delighted with the quality of services provided by BURO Club.

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