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News of the 27/10/2017

Since September, Nantes Beaulieu BURO Club business center is home to a newcomer: Manrique Oppermann company, which is a producer of promotional items of all kinds. To learn more about its activity, we interviewed Christophe Nicoleau, Manrique Oppermann Nantes’ office manager and salesman.

Tell us about the Manrique Oppermann company...

Manrique company was created in Alsace in 1925. We specialize in communication through promotional objects for businesses. In 1999, Manrique merged with Oppermann – a German company - in order to expand its offer. Then in 2016, Manrique Oppermann acquired new spacious and functional premises in Hoerdt, a city near Strasbourg, allowing us to reach eastern and central parts of France.

What would be the key defining point for Manrique Oppermann?

We benefit from the Qualiserv quality label - a French quality service guarantee - and we are part of the 2FPCO (Professional French Federation of Object Communication). We refer to a quality charter that promotes environmental ethics and commercial transparency.

Why did you choose an office in Nantes?

We opened this office to develop our business in the western French market. I am the manager, salesman as well as main interlocutor of our clientele in this area. I’ve been living in Nantes for more than 25 years so I already have a certain network to work with. I could have worked from home but I wanted to enjoy a neutral place with enough space to stock the samples I bring to customers.

Did you choose this BURO Club solution yourself?

Yes. I started looking for office spaces for rent. I visited several places but stopped on Nantes Beaulieu business center for three key reasons. It offers the possibility to park my car, and as a salesman I need a vehicle nearby; it is strategically located on the island of Nantes; and finally, the value for money is interesting. Last but not least, I was offered a very warm welcome.

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