Nantes’ BURO Club: a human sized business center
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News of the 14/08/2017

Nantes’ BURO Club business center enjoys an ideal setting. Located between the historical city center and the business district, it is also just a stone’s throw away from the SNCF railway station. With more than 700m², this ideally situated building is composed of thirty serviced offices, a fitted kitchen, several meeting rooms and a relaxation area with a great view.
We’ve met with Sébastien Hue, Nantes’ business center manager since 2014. One of Sébastien’s major qualities is without a doubt his excellent interpersonal skills.

Why did you join BURO Club’s network?

I have been a hotel manager for many years. Although I love my former job, I wanted to change for a less stressful lifestyle, and I wanted to live in the beautiful city of Nantes. Today, instead of renting rooms, I rent offices. This is a very enjoyable job because I have a better quality of life as well as high quality relationships with BURO Club’s residents, who I talk with on a daily basis. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the hotel trade for me was customer relations, and luckily this is also true in the office rental business. We are a human sized structure while being part of the large BURO Club’s network, which we can count on.

Do you work alone?

I work with Angélique Bazin, my assistant. She is also from the hotel industry and appreciates connections with clients too. We act as a link between the workplace and the outside world for our customers. If a new client wishes to visit the city, go to the restaurant or book a hotel room, we advise him and make it as easy as possible for him. With the same idea, we have set up an organic fruits and vegetables delivery by a local company every Thursday. Customers only have to order online. Also in the well-being department, we offer masseur services with clothes on at an attractive price, once a month in our premises.

How do you promote relationships between residents?

We organize community events, such as breakfasts or snacks each month, especially for our BURO Club residents. Thanks to this we create links and strengthen BURO Club’s network.

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