Nantes : one of the most attractive cities in France
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News of the 07/08/2018

No more projectors constantly riveted on Paris and its Eiffel Tower... France has many other treasures nestled in the four corners of the hexagon. Head for Nantes : the capital of the Pays de la Loire !

Nantes is the most populated city in Brittany.

Of the 3 718 512 inhabitants of the Loire Atlantique, more than 300 000 have made Nantes their home. A diverse population that allows everyone to find their place, to expand their address book to live and work in excellent conditions.

One of the most cycling-friendly cities in France

Yes, it is not only in Amsterdam where we can make all our journeys by bike without any problems. The city was elected 5th in the list of the world's most "bike-friendly" cities and also the cycling capital in 2015 (Vélo-city 2015). It is also at the crossroads of two EuroVéloroute roads : EuroVelo 6 (La Loire à Vélo) and Eurovélo 1 (La Vélodyssée), 2 major cycle tourism itineraries.

Nantes, at the head of the cities where it is good to work

Nantes is the fourth city in France where it is good to work and many have left the capital to settle there. Who hasn't dreamed of living close to work ? To have the sea, nature, the city centre close to home ? A quality public transport network that allows you to get around without any problems ? In Paris it's impossible... but not in Nantes !

More and more startupers

The French digital ecosystem no longer holds any secrets for Nantes. Labelled "French Tech" metropolis in 2014, the city continues to attract new startups. If the city is also attractive for young entrepreneurs, it is also for economic reasons : the cost of living is much more affordable, rents are more reasonable and activities are numerous. An excellent quality of life which makes Nantes an attractive city at all levels...

The size of the labour market, the unemployment rate, job creation, the integration of young people, and even the results of the baccalaureate... In the professional world too, Nantes appeals to young and old !

Economic innovation, social cohesion and ecology

More than 20 years ago, Nantes chose to associate nature with its urban development. The city has created eco-neighbourhoods, opted for a management without phytosanitary products of its public spaces, for the preservation of its rivers, its natural spaces and its biodiversity. A choice that today allows it to be considered, with over a hundred parks and gardens and the only natural area in Europe classified Natura 2000 in the heart of the city, as "Little Amazonia". Reduction of greenhouse gases, recycling, soft and public transport, fight against pollution and preservation... Nantes is the green capital of France. A position that only reinforces its attractiveness !

BURO Club is also a great place to live !

As the leading network of independent business centres in France, BURO Club is also one of the city's good assets. In Nantes, where it is good to live and work, 2 business centres benefiting from privileged positions (one near the station, the other in the heart of the business district) and have multiple turnkey virtual office plans so that you can manage your business without constraints or surprises !

Nantes is a city renowned for its ideal living environment. On the work side : you can also promote calm and serenity by choosing to rent a workspace in one of our business centres, discover the advantages of renting an office, working in shared space, organising your events in our meeting rooms or the advantages of a company virtual office in our Nantes establishments.

Whether you are a start-up, a mature business or a mobile worker, our business centre teams are there to listen to you and offer you professional solutions adapted to your needs.

For all these reasons you will love living in Nantes and at BURO Club too...

Enjoy your business

  • Nantes : one of the most attractive cities in France