Nantes: Parisian executives’ 2nd favorite city
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News of the 29/09/2017

Nantes pleases people, it is indisputable. Located in the south of the Armorican Massif near the banks of The Loire (France’s longest river), Nantes is considered a very dynamic city, and there are good reasons for that. BURO Club, the European leader of independent business centers, was not mistaken in developing its network there.

For students

Among young people, Nantes ranks sixth in the list of cities where it feels good to study. Over the past eleven years, the French magazine L'Étudiant has performed a yearly screening of forty student cities. The study shows several positive points. For instance, the training offer is interesting and diversified, housing supplies are numerous and relatively inexpensive, the public transport network is efficient and affordable, and the cultural program is rich and varied.

For employees

Regarding the favorite cities of Paris executives, it appears that Nantes is second within the top 10 choices of the interviewees. The following data are directly quoted from the annual ranking of the French organization Cadremploi. Bordeaux is chosen first by 58% of the polled, then we have Nantes with 43% of the votes. In these cities, one would seek a better quality of life as well as a better work-life balance.

Nantes is the provincial administrative center of Loire-Atlantique. It is France’s sixth most populated town in 2014 with 298 029 inhabitants, according to INSEE (French national institute for statistical and economic studies). It is the heart of what they call Nantes’s metropolis, a pool of towns surrounding Nantes composed of more than 600 000 people.

Great employment growth

Furthermore, the labor market is important and dynamic in this attractive city. There’s been an increase of 2.84% over five years, which is an encouraging indicator. By 2015, INSEE took a census of 40 000 existing and 3 657 newly created businesses in Nantes. It is a moving market place in which it is interesting to develop one’s activity. To foster this trend, BURO Club offers office space solutions such as office spaces for rent and virtual offices in its two local business centers: Nantes Gare - Cité des Congrès and Nantes Beaulieu.

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