Objectif Audio: customized training sessions in Paris République.
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News of the 08/02/2016

Julien Mamou and Lyor Sayada wished to provide candidates with a preparation to the hearing care examination in a different way. Both already had a job and they chose to offer a thorough preparation to candidates wishing to attend one of the seven French schools and become a hearing care professional. So that they could support them in optimal conditions, they decided to propose a customized training course targeting this occupation. Three subjects (Biology, Physics and Mathematics), three professors, and a class of 20 no more than students in order to be attentive to each of them.

By establishing their company at BURO Club Paris République,  they knew that they would benefit too from a customized support.  Thanks to such a turnkey flexible real estate solution, they were able to dispose of an immediately operational equipped serviced office. The business centre enables them also to benefit from a fitted meeting room suited to their needs and instructions in order to take advantage of optimal working conditions and of a customized call answering service.

This adaptable solution helped them focus on their activities and support the evolution of their company at their own pace and in full confidence. They thus created 'Objectif Audio' in May 2014, carried out their first working session with 12 students in a 27 sqm meeting room in September, and now use a 50 sqm meeting room for 17 students: a high-quality workspace and a thorough training course specifically adapted to hearing care with a 75% success rate in the 2014-2015 examination.  A young start-up with a bright future in a sector unaffected by the crisis with only one goal: lead you to success!

Thanks to BURO Club, they indeed maximize their chances and can develop further while focusing on their activities…

Enjoy your business !

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