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News of the 12/05/2017

HELIOS Conseil is not the only company who bet on BURO Club Lille business center to develop its business. OGI company joined BURO Club in 2009 by renting several serviced offices for our structure based in the Hauts-de-France. Emmanuel Lecomte, head of sector in this engineering firm, explains his choice.

What does OGI stand for?

Omnium General d'Ingénierie (OGI) is a research firm specialized in the development of public spaces. The company has been based in Montreuil for 25 years. Eight years ago, the head office decided to cover more ground by creating several subsidiaries in various industries. The agency located in Lille is the first to have been created. Recently, the group has added two other agencies in Lyon and Bordeaux.

Why choose BURO Club in Lille?

The Nord-Pas-de-Calais region is a very dynamic location undergoing restructurations, a true crossroads between the countries of the north and the rest of Europe. In this context, OGI is involved in various redevelopment projects. We chose to manage our operations from downtown Lille because this prime location embodies the heart of this renewal. This is the main reason that led our agency to BURO Club business center.

Ideally located in the center of the metropolis, the BURO Club business center is close to the two train stations and is very well served by the transport networks.

On what projects did you play a role?

Before arriving in the area, the skills of our team had been hired to design the hyper center ZAC of Tourcoing. It was with this project that we realized that there was a card to play. Since our installation in Lille business center, we have been working on many ambitious projects such as the redevelopment of the Citadel, with more than 100 hectares to reinvent.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the center?

Over 8 years have passed since we set foot in this center and we still appreciate the unique services of BURO Club. I appreciate the flexibility of my leasing contract, BURO Club team’s support  and the opportunity to arrange meetings and to network.

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