Paris and Île-de-France at the top of job creation in 2018
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News of the 19/03/2018

Economic dynamism seems to be doing well in Paris, where employment is rising again thanks to new companies who recruit shortly after their creation. This is mostly thanks to the private sector and more specifically  start-ups, which massively use shared offices such as those you can find within our network of business centers. If you are looking for a new opportunity to work in Paris and the Paris region? BURO Club gives you leads on the companies and sectors that hire.

Employment in Île-de-France

While the unemployment rate in Paris remains above the national average (12.6% against 9.8%), the Parisian departments show the best growth rates, including the top 3:

  1. 3.5% for Seine-et-Marne
  2. 2.4% for Paris itself
  3. 2.3% for Val d'Oise

This is the direct result of the creation of more than 16,300 companies in 2017, physically established or in virtual offices. This situation suggests the creation of 72,700 jobs in 2018 in the Paris region according to INSEE. This sounds great, but where can you apply really?

The sectors that recruit

If you are proficient in any of the following areas, it may be time to prepare your résumé:

  1. Building (very strong increase of building sites since 2017)
  2. Business services (7800 jobs in the last quarter of 2017)
  3. Accommodation and restaurants (2500 jobs in the second half of 2017)
  4. Communication (2500 jobs in the second half of 2017)

Companies that recruit

In Île-de-France, you can knock on the door of Disney, which plans to create 1,200 permanent and 7,000 seasonal jobs in 2018; RATP is looking for 4200 agents; GFI wants to hire 2,500 study and computer engineers; the SNCF plans to welcome 1360 various agents, and finally Amazon, in search of 1000 logistic agents.

In Paris itself, try Lutetia and its 300 job offers in hotels and restaurants; Cloud Temple also needs 200 employees; Hype will hire 150 drivers by June; Magellan Partners is currently looking for 102 consultants; and finally, Soat expects 90 developers and technical architects.

  • Paris and Île-de-France at the top of job creation in 2018