Paris reacts against ozone pollution
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News of the 13/08/2018

Like many major cities in the world, Paris suffers from pollution and the heat wave of recent days has not helped. Fresh out of orange alertness, Paris must maintain its efforts and do everything possible to ensure Parisian air quality and encourage everyone to make a gesture to stop the problem during the peaks of ozone pollution that regularly affects the Paris Region during the summer. A quick update on the situation...

Ozone is a so-called "secondary" pollutant. Where did he come from ? Simply by the sun and chemical reactions between other air pollutants, which can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and shortness of breath, especially in the elderly. Ozone pollution peaks are constantly recorded in major capitals, such as Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China) or densely populated cities such as Bangkok (Thailand) or Bombay, the most populous city in India...

To combat the peak of ozone pollution in Paris, the Prefect of Police has decided to set up differentiated traffic on metropolitan territory covering the entire perimeter within the A86 (circular motorway in the inner suburbs). The maximum speed has even been reduced by 20 km/h on national and Ile-de-France highways. The goal ? Reduce fuel consumption, and therefore fight massively against air pollution. The vehicles Crit'air 4 and 5 (vehicles equipped with coloured pellets indicating the level of CO2 pollution) are banned from circulation in the capital until further notice. Only departures on holiday can be exempted from this measure.

Already in force since July 2016, all vehicles in circulation in Intramural Paris will have to equip themselves with this ecological badge (except emergency vehicles, vintage vehicles, or those carrying a parking card for disabled people). This sticker will be available for a fee (4.18 euros) on the Internet at or by post. If this sticker is not worn before the deadline, the driver must pay a fine of 68 euros (180 euros if not paid within 45 days).

All these measures have only one goal : to help Paris cope with the increase in its pollution peaks !

Whether you're in Paris or just passing through the capital, taking your foot off the gas, getting the Crit'air disc, carpooling or opting for less polluting modes of transport, you're doing something for the environment. BURO Club, by the strategic position of its business centers in Paris as on the whole of France, also allows you to manage your business by being eco-responsible. Most of the business centres in our network are located in the city centre and still have rapid access to public transport, indirectly helping to reduce the risk of pollution. Trains, subways, buses, tramways... all you have to do is choose which means of transport you want to use to get to the office every day...

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  • Paris reacts against ozone pollution